Christians Sharing Recovery

One thing that is certain is that addiction is not prejudice and if given the chance it will indeed consume anyone and everyone. Christians are no exception to that rule. Christians have a belief that is in a league all of its own. Christians believe in one God and His Son Jesus Christ and that anything is possible through Christ. Most Christians are not willing to compromise that belief for anyone.

The 12 Step philosophy, which is the most well known of its type, is a Christian based support system for addicts. The 12 Steps require surrendering to a Higher Power and also pray together in the name of God, not to anyone else. Christianity is a tie that binds them together and their faith is steadfast. Most Christians would agree that it would be in their best interest to spend their time in treatment and recovery with those who share their same beliefs.

It is very important that anyone who is entering the recovery phase be around people that make them feel comfortable. Isolation only hinders recovery and it is damaging. This is why if people are surrounded by groups who believe as they do they will find comfort and tend to open up more, therefore benefiting more from what is offered.

Christian resources are some of the easiest to find as they are plentiful. It would be difficult for many to find solace during their recovery if they were not comforted and surrounded by fellow Christians. If you are a Christian and in need of help with an addiction please reach out to those that are like-minded and get the help you need.

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  • That's true. But I would also add to make sure that the Christians they would be seeking, are people who aren't judgmeental and will bring you down because such people do exist in churches today. I think you would need people who are full of grace and mercy and are willing to help you and not point the finger at you and say you're a wretch and useless piece of crap that doesn't deserve to live, or unsaved. So be careful, who you choose to tell.
  • I have found that sadly fellow christians can be the most judgmental.  I have run into ignorance (all alcoholics are thieves or if you admit to addiction you are clearly not a TRUE Christian) and a lack of support for the programs of recovery-being told if I just trusted God enough, or prayed for healing, I would not "need" a program.
    My sobriety is a three legged stool- spirituality, program, and outside help.  With them I grow in Christ and gain in sobriety, and mental health.  
    I learned the hard way to be careful who you break your anonymity to.  Two pastors wounded me-one by taking away my position as children's ministry coordinator despite my 14 years sobriety, and one by telling me I had to "confess" my sin before the church or leave.  I left.
     I would like to find or start a group for Christians in recovery which supports and understands this.  
  • This is absolutely true, and Christians are not just judgmental with people who are in other religions or beliefs, but among one another in the different branches of Christianity.

    What is a real fact is that people need to believe in a power, supreme being or anything that is above and beyond the human nature. It's a natural inner need, and a great aid in recovery time regardless if this power is called God, Jesus Christ, Master of the Universe or whatever each individual wants to call it.
  • A lot of people are turned off of Christianity because of this "judgmental" perception. But the way I like to think of it is all people are flawed in some way. Man is flawed, and we all sin in some way. But we should not turn our back on the Holy Spirit, on Jesus, because of the faults of men. When you build a spiritual relationship it with your heart and the Holy Spirit, not with the people in the church. So just because the behavior of the people in the church might be questionable, it shouldn't be what turns you away from contemplating Jesus.  You can turn your back on a certain church or denomination, or it is people, but don't turn your back on Jesus in the spiritual world, because of the faults of man.
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