What to Expect from Inpatient Behavioral Disorder Rehab

So, you have what they call a behavioral disorder, an addiction of sorts. This could be displayed in a number of different ways from an addiction to gambling or shopping, maybe sex or pornography. Maybe you have OCD or an eating disorder, perhaps a self mutilator, the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, you are seeking help and that’s awesome! You might be a little apprehensive about what to expect when you get to the inpatient facility, which is very normal and expected.

The setup will be a lot like any other formal inpatient treatment center. You will be assigned a room and it should be quite comfortable. There will be daily schedules established since you are there for a purpose and that purpose is to get better. Expect a lot of therapy sessions, some individual and some in groups. You will do quite a bit of goal setting too. Education is paramount.

Goals will consist of behavioral stabilization, reducing anxiety, to teach coping skills, and to learn how to avoid triggers and manage relapses. There will be very structured daily schedules that are filled with activities that are done in a group setting. Everything will be very structured and very supportive. You will be surrounded by counselors and a medical staff. Some facilities even offer things like acupuncture, meditation, and yoga.

No one really knows what causes behavioral disorders but it is known that the struggle will continue without professional help. If you or a loved one suffers from a behavioral disorder know that help is available and it can help return to a whole and complete life.

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