What are the Roadblocks to Treatment?

Hi All,

We are creating a resource to help people overcome some of the fears they may have when they determine they need to seek treatment for their addiction, and I'd love to hear your opinion. Professional treatment is one of many options for recovering from an addiction (as we promote here in our community). But it undoubtedly helps a lot of people. For me personally, treatment helped me very quickly begin making significant shifts in my thinking and habits that I wasn't able to do on my own, or even with the help of support groups. For me personally it was the accountability alone that changed my attitude and path, but it works (or doesn't work) differently for each person. In my opinion, if you can connect with the right treatment options (there are so many), this can be a great way to begin a more sustained recovery process. But you need to be ready, and unfortunately the very thought of treatment scares the heck out of people. I was one of those people (for the first time in 2008) and I want to help people understand and overcome some of the fears, myths and other barriers that may arise when entering into a formal treatment program. Some of my fears and negative thoughts included:
  • I don't need it. I'm not that far gone.
  • I'll just fail like I have everything else and not be able to quit.
  • It's too expensive. Rehab is for wealthy celebrities.
  • It's nothing more than a cover for a specific religious idea.
  • I'll be surrounded with "criminals and bad people."
  • Focusing on my problem will only make it worse.
  • I'll have an annoying sponsor following me around everywhere I go.
  • I won't have the support of those whom I need it from most.
Can you identify with any of these? Whether you've been in treatment, considered it, or have never even thought about it, what would be some of the emotions that arise around this critical life decision. A lot of our site visitors are here because they are exploring this as an option in their life. If this is you, I'd love to know what's going through your mind as you explore this major decision (anonymously of course). I'd love to hear what you all think about this!
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