No Ladies Please

Addiction does have some very common characteristics regardless of gender but sometimes it is best for some if they opt for a gender specific solution when seeking treatment. This can be the best way to address concerns that both men and women have specifically. While there are many similarities between men and women in treatment there are also differences.

Men are different from women in the way that they abuse drugs and how it transforms their entire life. Separating genders allows men to focus solely on their issues and their recovery with no distractions. Also, men and women think very differently both emotionally and psychologically. This is why treatment can be more beneficial for many guys if their specific issues are treated separately.

A treatment facility that caters specifically to men offers an environment that helps many men thrive and be more successful. When genders are mixed, it can cause a lot of unnecessary confusion and complication. Men are able to focus on themselves and their individual recovery while building camaraderie. A lot of the time when both genders are mixed there are potential barriers that can hinder recovery.

An all male setting eliminates inhibition and allows a man to just be himself. There are no worries about women and trying to compete or impress anyone. When men and women are together in treatment for a period of time they will naturally develop intimate friendships, regardless if they become sexual or not. It is easy to lose track of goals and get caught up in tempting situations.

Men and women also have different hobbies and pass times so in an all make setting men are able to do the things that they like while sharing them with fellow males. This type of setting, for many men, is conducive to a successful recovery and to starting a brand new and exciting life.

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  • I totally agree with this, when recovering from an addiction it's better and advised that we aren't sentimentally involved, that just can lead to relapsing, it's too much.
  • I bet there are plenty of issues that men just don't feel comfortable discussing in front of women. Certainly, the opposite is true. All male groups are a great idea. You need to be able to speak freely about what is troubling you to be able to address it properly. 
  • It is like you have picked the words straight out of my head. Most of the times women are a distraction and there is too much expectation and men trying to impress them whenever they are around. Coincidentally, I am in the recovery phase and I am doing just that until I feel I get back to on my feet.
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