Certain people are addicted to hatred

I keep wondering if some people are not really addicted to hatred. There are certain people who just enjoy fighting with everyone they meet. They have reputations for being 'difficult people' in school, church, at work and every other social gatherings. Even family members complain. Shouldn't such people  be seeking help? I know a lady who finds fault with what everyone does to the extent where she can even complain with bitter hatred about the way one walks. Such people are out there in their numbers. Such people do not usually see anything wrong with what they do. In the same way that addicts to dangerous substances live in denial, they equally live in denial. Shouldn't the family members of such people be seeking help for them. I mean, its often like a demon possession. Are people not addicted to hatred? Shouldn't they be seeking help too?
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  • @roland thanks for sharing. not sure if people can be addicted to hatred, but maybe. i think if i had a friend or family member that was like that, i'd sit with them and have a real honest heart to heart with compassion. let them know what i observe and listen to them. i'd also let them know there is professional help available, but it is up to them to make the efforts to get help.

  • I don't know, maybe we cannot call such an altitude an addiction, but when someone finds problems with everyone he or she meets, it becomes a problem that can be technically regarded as an addition. I used the word addiction to show the severity of the situation. I know that it can be looked at from the point of an altitude. I know one or two people who behave like that. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that a heart to heart talk will be a real solution to such a situation. The decision to change only lies in the hands of the person. Thanks for the wisdom.
  • I don't think someone can be addicted to that, I know a woman who gets offended almost at everything, sometimes you don't even know why she got offended.  She just enjoys criticizing people, talking bad about them, but I really think that's how she is.  Some people are just nasty, bitter and unhappy. I feel sorry for their families. 
  • There is a underlying problem with people who are in constant turmoil.  A deep rooted problem within themselves that stop them from having a normal life.  It has nothing to do with addiction.  It is mental health.  
  • I can understand exactly what you mean by comparing it to demonic possession. It is indeed very much like that (and some people believe that is an explanation). I think a lot of these people, as mentioned above, have a lot of inner turmoil both emotionally and mentally and so they take it out on others to make themselves feel better by putting others down. The way you describe is very reminiscent of people, if young, who have Conduct Disorder or, if older, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which denial and repression pertains to) or Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Some people are also sadists and may get a kick from it but there is not an official diagnosis for Sadistic Personality Disorder any more.
  • That reminds me of a movie I recently saw, there was a guy who had a mother who liked "to say things as they are", often hurting people, but I can't remember the name. I liked it very much and it's a pity I saw only half of it.

    But I get your point. You know, it's kind of sad, as those people are doing so much bad but can't realize it. I'm sure that it they did so, they would seek help. Just because they seem so tough and evil no one has the courage to explain this to them, although they should.
  • You are right Nergaahl. It is very difficult to advice    such people  because they are evidently going to take offense at what you say and try to create other problems out of it. I have have interacted with such people and understand what you are talking about. I also wish to thank you androl for your valuable contribution. You have educated me on many things and made others clearer to me. I also wish to thank jessiejay and Seraphine for their contribution here. Seraphine is right! One really needs to feel sorry for the families of such people because people constantly live under fear and pressure. Everyone is afraid to express their opinions for fear they will offend someone. Thanks to everyone for all you have said here.
  • It might be somewhat akin to an addiction because it offers a person certain so-called rewards, so they continue in this pattern. I would be more likely to call it a behavioral problem that may or may not signal something bigger.

    The problem with these people seeking help is that they often don’t feel like they need the help. That seems to be a fairly common phenomenon with narcissistic personality disorder and the like. As I said, it offers them so-called rewards and they might not care who they hurt in the process. It’s an unfortunate situation all around, really.
  • Yeah, no.  It can definitely be psychological issue that needs help but it can't be classified as an addiction. People have gotten to fast and loose with the word addiction.
  • This would be my mom. She's not content unless she's angry and complaining about something or someone. She hates all people. She only speaks about people to talk about how she doesn't like them. She used to attempt to play my dad and I off each other when he was alive. She'd run to me and talk about everything she hated about him, then ten minutes later run to him talking about me. Dealing with her is exhausting!
  • @JohnB
    You're right, it's definitely a psychological (or mental) health issue and is not an addiction. The word 'addiction' does seem to be being applied more widely lately. If anything, this would either be more of a compulsion or it would be pathological.
  • I actually read somewhere that anger can be an addiction. There are certain people who are constantly simmering on an angry level, and they build up pressure until the release. It's interesting, because the height of the anger "explosion" results in those people lowering their blood pressure, or becoming calmer. 

    It's actually a terrible tragedy on every level. The person who is the "anger addict" can't properly express themselves and does something terrible/shameful, and the people around him/her get hurt. 


  • I have never ran into a person who has been addicted to hatred before. I would think that he would be addicted to getting attention for being mean and getting attention for it as well. Could work hand in hand though.
  • I don't think it's necessarily addiction to hatred but there might also be some truth to that. My own guess is that it's just learned behavior in that it's probably the way they were brought up and they were not taught any different ways to live and get by so the only way they know how to channel their thoughts and emotions is through anger. I agree they should get professional help but I think it's one of the more difficult things to tackle because along with it you would also need a bit of intellect and enlightenment and I don't think that's something a therapist can provide.
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