Drug Dealer Looking for a Theif

I got a phone call today from a friend. She told me that a drug dealer came to her place of work today to speak with a coworker. Seems the son of her coworker is in deep trouble for stealing painkillers from a local drug dealer. I feel just terrible for this person having to be confronted in this manner about her son's addiction they both are so afraid of this drug dealer hurting the young man for stealing or worse. Has this ever happened to anyone you know?
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  • @karmaskeeper hey there! thanks for sharing. i am not surprised that a drug dealer went looking for his/her money....it happens all the time.
  • I don't think the fellow in question here actual got drugs from dealer with a promise of payment later. From what I understand the dealer had surgery and was given medication for pain. The fellow took this from the dealers house. The meds that he needed himself, and wasn't for sale. Either way it's totally a mess this young man has gotten himself in a lot of trouble due to his addiction. He is apparently lied, and stole from everyone even his parents.
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