Tips for Staying Clean and Sober

My Cousin used to do drugs daily, almost died twice from it. She started going to free support groups that made her change her ways. She saw the dstruction that drugs led to and how she was ashamed she had to keep borrowing money for her drug habits while her boyfriend kept borrowing money from his Grandma to do drugs. If you want to help a loved one, you should look for support groups and invite your addicted loved one to a sit to see if it'll help them, it helped my Cousin.
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  • I was court ordered to attend a substance abuse class awhile ago.  I have to admit seeing others go through what I went through helped me realize that I was not alone in this and I didn't have to be pulled down by negative feelings.  I support is something every needs who is in crisis.  I wasn't able to bring anyone with me at the time.  I was alone in this situation and my problem was me and not others.
  • I know someone who was struggling and had stolen from family and the family removed him from home to a rehab center as they could not cope with his addiction and was a hard time for everyone involved. I reckon that when seeing others going through the same and hearing what they lost can motivate someone to change, and also make the changes needed and do more good things in their life.I think talking about the problem is important as holding it in, and not telling about it can lead to more stress and cause depression as well for the person.
  • I am glad to know it worked for other people as well and it wasn't just luck for my cousin! That is really good to hear. I'd be recommending this method to other addicts in the future, thanks for the input people. 
  • Support groups are really important for recovering addicts. Being able to get some kind of encouragement from other people would totally help you a lot in recovery. It would motivate you even more to walk the path towards sobriety. :)

    Anyway, I am glad your cousin has now changed for the better. Kudos to her for a job well done. And yes, let us try to help other struggling addicts as well by spreading these kinds of information. 
  • Support groups are a really good alternative. Sometimes you can help a person so much before you get drained out, it's good to go to meetings with that person. She can get so much help from people related to him/her.
  • Agreed. I think giving even just a little bit of support and information is sometimes enough to help a person finally make the decision instead of being on the fence, because often I think they already realize and want to change but just need a little more push. Of course it's not true for all situations but I think it's fair to say it works on some.
  • As Tata stated earlier, support and information can go a very far way. Even if they don't have an effect on day one or week one or even year one, support and information tends to stick until they grow. Tata also pointed out something I've found to be quite important in making a change; it is the person who makes the final decision. Many people need this kind of help by just being surrounded by others sharing a similar issue. It gives a good feeling of 'I can too' when we just even share stories of how we overcame.
  • Support groups and rehab centres do work for a lot of people but not for everybody. I think the person in question needs to be open minded and willing to at least try and take on board what's being said to them for it to have any impact.

    I think a lot of people may resent the fact that they're being taken or told to go and get help, and its getting them to overcome that mentality that's the major problem in them circumstances.
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