Drugs, Drunks, and Self Harm

Hi, my name is Ali.
I'm a recovering addict and I self harm. I've been clean and sober for quite a few years but am really struggling lately. I'm dual diagnosed which means I have both addiction and mental illness. I would use drugs and alchohal to self medicate my bipolar and anxiety issues. I also physically hurt myself as a way to cope with stress, I've done it to a point where I spent over a month in a psych hospital at one time.
Right now I'm still clean and sober but drugs are calling my name badly! My mental illness is flaring up and the doctors are having a hard time controlling it with medications. I'm finding myself wanting to go back to using in order to stop all the noise in my head.
One day at a time, I guess.
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  • Hello there!  Welcome to the boards!  Sorry to hear about your self-harm and addictions issue, but I really think you have come a really long way and are working so hard to keep sober.  Just keep focused, I know resisting the cravings is hard, but knowing that you might end up losing your family's trust and credibility if you give in is even harder.   

    Try to find something else to do, like a new hobby, that is what I am doing :)  I suffer from great anxiety, depression and OCD... which is now harder because I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor last year.   I'm trying to stay as busy as possble, or else all that noise in my head wouldn't let me sleep at night.  I recommend you to keep a diary and be as honest and open as you want in there... let it  all out. 

    Stay strong, and let us know if you need someone to talk to, we are always here willing to listen and entourage you whenever you need it :) We are always at a click of distance! 
  • @Alianna... One day at a time, one hour at a time, or one minute at a time. Whatever it takes for you to maintain sobriety. 

    My son suffered from depression/anxiety as well as addiction. He was also a cutter. But he was able to overcome the demons and quit his addiction. I hope you are able to do the same. 

    Sending you peace, hugs, and positive, sober vibes. Know that we are here anytime you need to reach out for help or support.

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