Is Marijuana bad for you?

I'm curious to knowing if Marijuana is bad for you. I saw facts showing that mariuana has a higher tar input than Cigarettes and I know a lot of people smoke Marijuana. I'm not thinking of doing Marijuana but fascinated in knowing if there's any consequences.
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  • @leonassword  hi there. great question. well, i will tell you that i was under the assumption that marijuana was not horrible for you, but i've changed my mind. my daughter, who is 21, decided to try marijuana over the weekend. she had done it once before when she was a teen and just went to sleep. so she tried it...and ended up in the emergency room. she was paralyzed and having a hard time breathing. she couldn't speak. when i got there, she could only look at me and little tears coming out of her eyes, but she couldn't talk or move...she was TERRIFIED!

    the others who smoked did not have this reaction, but she did. she did get back to "normal" few hours later, but she is very lucky she didn't die. she is still having panic attacks... from what i have been reading, some people cannot take it and there is now synthetic marijuana out there that is laced with very dangerous drugs...i have a friend who works at a children's hospital in new orleans and she says on average they are getting 3 teens in a week WHO DIE..due to synthetic pot...yes. it's tragic.  

    you just never know anymore who is making the marijuana and what they are putting in it. the old days it used to not be like this and it was safer. today it is not safe and you take a chance with your life.

    medical marijuana is different...and that doesn't get someone high. i do believe medical marijuana helps in various ways.

    my daughter will never smoke pot again. i'm sure of that.

    hope others will steer clear too.
  • Thank you for the input! I didn't know people could die from Marijuana after being told it is healthy! I've always steered away from pot because I know it wouldn't be healthy for my lungs. I always had a bad feeling about pot, but I guess people would lie saying it's healthy for it to be legalized.
  • From what I know Marijuana doesn't have any bad effects on your body, it is harmless and you won't have any health problems if you smoke it. With that in mind, as @dominica said you have to make sure that your seller isn't shady if you indeed decide to start smoking weed (bad idea, by the way).
    Don't start smoking it. Even though it's harmless it's another addiction that will drive you nuts, plus it's very expensive.
  • Marijuana is still being studied. So far, it has been found to have many benefits -- the plant can be used in many ways. Making oil, replacing cotton or paper, this kind of thing. And you can use it to get high.

    Now, for the tar thing, we have to say that smoking anything is bad for your body. Smoke is bad for your lungs. That's final. That's why stoners use vaporizers or cook their stuff. Much less harm done.

    Now, about @dominica story, yes. People lace weed with terrible things to make more profit (if we have the same definition here). But even without this, there has been some links found between weed abuse and psychosis. Mainly, it is also said that if there is a history of schizophrenia in your family, or if you believe you could be susceptible to have schizophrenia, then marijuana could "trigger" it. I'm not sure how conclusive and definitive this research is, but it is being taugh and passed around a lot.

    Otherwise, more extensive research has shown that to a brain being formed, so before you're eighteen, overuse of marijuana can be damaging. Now, I don't think anyone means this damage as saying any young weed smokers would be "brain damaged". But there could be effects -- we all know the thing about memory, for instance.

    So basically -- to have an optimal "non-harmful" weed experience, don't overuse, don't be underaged, don't smoke it, don't do it if there is a history of mental problems in your family, don't get it anything but pure.

    In optimal cases, weed is actually helpful for the body. Especially in medical conditions. So in the optimal world, we would research a lot about it and make sure that the guidelines are clear and that we use it for good, in the right situation and the right way. :)
  • @bellejoie  thanks for that response. interesting about schizo. i'm with you on just don't smoke it....unless it's really for medicine and you're in so much pain or something, sure. go for it under a doctor's supervision...
  • Really? And I thought all this time that since Marijuana is a natural weed that grows from nature, it's gonna be safe. I guess, anything that you ingest these days have their own pros and cons. Just be careful then, if you plan to use it in the future. There is an adage anyway that says, Too much (even of a good thing) is bad.
  • As long as it is quality marijuana and it is all natural, it should be at least not as dangerous as cigarettes and alcohol. It has its own dangers, every addictive substance has, and I consider it the lesser of all evils (unlike some people who consider cigarettes so). Also, it's not good for you to abuse it. But I know people who smoke it regularly and they are completely sane and healthy.
  • @dominica : Well, I did not say don't smoke it except in medical conditions. I think it should not be illegal at all, just that people know better what is going on and that they don't have to be "curious" or "misguided" or "fooled". You know, like : give the facts, and let people make decisions that affect just them without arresting them or praising them for it.
  • Yes marijuana is bad for you.
    Lots of people try to say it's not for one reason or another or that cigarettes and alcohol are worst. but the plain matter of facts is that marijuana has a whole host of negative side effects.
    The smoke is bad for your lungs (Well ALL smoke is bad for lungs) and it has negative impacts on a persons memory.
    I used to smoke a tonne of the stuff, the worst part is it makes you okay with doing nothing.
    Sure that's fine once in a while, but when you start doing it everyday a lot of time can pass where you missed out on friends and family cause you got high and watched Netflix all day.
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