A funny joke I found

I think funny jokes can help people in recovery, takes their mind off things. Here's a joke that I found. An Atheist, Vegan and gay person walks into a bar. How do I know? Because they told everyone. I hope you find the joke as funny as I did!
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  • Trying to get my mind around this one! Jokes are great though and can be useful in most life situations. I go looking for jokes when I am feeling down as a way of coping. 
  • Reminds me of another one, 

    How can you tell if someone's a pilot? 

    They'll tell you.

    And yep pilot can be replaced with, vegan, atheist, or person who does crossfit.
  • Two men were having drinks at the bar counter. One man shouts at the guy next to him, " I SLEPT WITH YOUR MOTHER!!!! YOU HEAR ME? I HAD SEX WITH YOUR MOTHER". Everybody in the bar went silent probably waiting for the other man to respond with a punch. Finally, he said, "go home dad! You are drunk!".
  • Haha, this is a good one! I have a couple good ones myself: 
    "Me: "I know a knock-knock joke!" Victim: "Oh yeah, what it is?" Me: "You start!" Victim: "Knock-knock" Me: "Who's there????" Victim:-------has no answer."

    "If life gives you melons, you might have dyslexia."
  • @shown_f aint that the truth - I know a few people that do CrossFit and all they do is talk about it!
  • Aargh, crossfit! People get obsessed with it, don't they!
  • Identity sometimes ends up as a crutch itself. We try to identify with labels because we feel out of place in life. That's why I think most people are so in-your-face about letting others know who they are. It actually makes the joke a little funnier now that I think about it. 
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