Addicted to Drama

A former friend of mine was addicted to drama. There was always some sort of crisis in her life - her bosses hated her, her mom was ill, she was depressed, she was in a bad relationship, etc. it was always something! When I looked to her for support when rough times happened in my life, she was no where to be found. But I was always supposed to be there for her to help her handle every crisis.
Suddenly one day, she found a new group of friends and decided she wanted nothing to do with me - I was dropped in 2 seconds flat! If you are addicted to drama, you need to get that out of your life. It will only harm you and your friends!
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  • I know a girl like that. Her dog dies, on average, every other month, her mom hates her, her husband is terrible to her, there's always a girl wanting to fight with her because they hit on her husband, did her husband, or think she wants to do theirs, and on and on and on.

    The people who are addicted will never quit. There's always "new friends" who will give her the pity, sympathy, and attention she wants... until they see her true colors.
  • @alianna hello and thanks for sharing. sorry to hear she dropped you, but i am glad to see that you understand the reasoning behind it. equal reciprocity matters and it's no fun to be around someone who attracts drama into their lives a lot. i had an ex like that and it was exhausting and energy draining for me. some call the energy vampires...they suck the energy out of those around them!

    some people who get addicted to drama had troubled childhoods and were always on edge...they were in "fight or flight mode" a lot and it's interesting as adults they tend to re-create the same environment...drama keeps them in such a mode...but really, there is help available for this type of thing, so i hope at some point she will recognize this and contend with it.

    @cguru  love the way you talk about attracts like and when i feel contrast, i know it's up to me to do something about it...i also do my best to stay positive and keep vibration high to attract the same...

  • People like this are emotional vampires to me - they suck all the life out of you, and act like the only reason you exist is to listen to all their stories and woes, and fawn over them. She did you a favor by cutting you out of her life - perhaps she felt you were about to do the same to her at some point soon, and wanted to be "first" instead because she was too proud to admit she was the one with the problem.

    It's easy to become complacent with your current roster of friends who you feel are your closest friends, when in reality there are far better people out there for you to be friends with instead. 

    There's nothing wrong with taking some steps back and looking at how these people treat you and being critical to the point of deciding whether you are going to put up with their behavior or not. Sometimes you need to do a clean house, and weed some folks out of your life for your own good. And you should always be open to making new friends as well so you don't become too dependent on your current group of friends.
  • A former employee of mine had a lot of drama going on in her life. It had negative consequences on her relationship with her family, work colleagues and even me. I sat down and spoke with her on many occasions in order to find solutions to her problem. She'd seem to straighten out for a couple of days but then start getting hysterical. I noticed that she was actively projecting all her drama at home onto the workplace. 
  • I have met people like that, I think they just crave attention so much, hence they always act like they are victims and the whole worlds totally and absolutely hate them :p  It's a serious personality disorder I think, I feel so bad for those negative individuals. 
  • The drama queen.  These are mental health issues and it could be related to them just wanting attention due to something that happened to them in the past.  It's either they were given too much of it from their parents, or not getting enough of it at all.
  • People who are compulsively (or pathologically) addicted to drama are usually histrionics. That is, they have Histrionic Personality Disorder, which affects up to 4% of the general population. The odd thing is that most "drama queens" are actually proud of their own behaviour and they get a kick from thinking they are manipulating, using and controlling other people when in reality they are only causing damage to themselves.
  • Hah, I met a lot of people who were like that, especially girls (no offense). I guess people need attention and the best way of getting it is to start complicating normal situations and making them feel bleak and traumatizing. Really bad behavior.
  • This is a serious problem in today's society. A lot of people have this problem. It's so common that people with naturally dramatic lives are encored. I'm sorry to hear your friend didn't appreciate you. I've had some friends like that and it's very unpleasant. Know that you have a lot to offer and that person just needs to get they're fix. Now you can focus your energy on more important people and things.
  • I usually avoid drama queens. I don't want to deal with their episodes, they are just too exhausting to me. But I share some kind of compassion for those people. Most likely they are lonely and insecure and don't know how to deal with it. It's kind of sad, but I still can't stand them.
  • I do love watching telenovela dramas on television and I think there is nothing wrong about it. It is one of my stress reliever from work. It is nice watching different stories about life. It doesn't mean you are not happy and not satisfied with your life when you are watching this kind of tv dramas. I do believe these kind of people are the ones who appreciates the importance and true meaning of life.
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