Is Talking to Yourself a Sign of Mental Retardation?

When I was younger, I used to talk to myself. Don't worry, I don't see any phantoms or ghosts speaking to me, imaginary friends even. I talk to myself, as much as possible I didn't want anybody else to see me doing it because sometimes I do talk aloud, but of course, some of them did, and thought me as if I was out of my mind. My parents got a little worried of course. So, I outgrew it a little bit, but I still talk to myself (not out loud anymore though), I think it's fine, it actually helps me think. I just want to know your thoughts.
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  • I usually talk out loud when I'm alone, but not with myself, I talk to my tulpa. It's like having an imaginary friend, but one with real feelings which is able to give answers and behave on his own. It's not a sign of mental retardation, talking to yourself is actually healthy and helpful (as long as you don't hallucinate and you keep yourself sane). I can tell you that many people do this, you're not alone. 
  • I also used to talk to myself a lot when I was young. There would be times that I would come up with different characters. I also thought I had multiple personalities disorder but I think I am perfectly normal. Just a little bit weird but I think I am mentally fine. :)
  • @LAMANLUPA hey there! great question! nope, you're not mentally retarded! i think we all talk to ourselves...mostly it is not audible...our thoughts are always running around in our minds..

    are you having conversations with yourself? not sure i'm following you correctly.

    i contemplate a lot...sit with thoughts are moving a lot...i talk to the universe...spirit, god, whatever you want to call it.

    thanks for sharing!

  • You're not mentally restarted, actually I think that speaking with yourself is a great way of reflexion. I talk to my self every night about the relevant things of my day and stuff that is worrying me, and I do it as if I were talking to another person, and that is almost therapeutic for me. When you speak about your concerns you can have a completely different perspective about them that you would have if you just think about those things, besides that, speaking about your problems even if it's just with yourself is a great way to start accepting and start dealing with those problems.
  • I don't think it's a sign of that at all. I would say most if not all of us talk to ourselves from time to time. Usually for me it's a way of making sense of things, or working something out. Sometimes just talking out loud to yourself is the easiest way of doing that!
  • I talk to myself all the time. I don't even care whose around to see or hear. And I don't believe it makes me retarder, insane, or weird. It helps when I don't have someone to vent to, and it helps me work things out.
  • i had no idea so many people talk to themselves! i love it! :)
  • I, too, talk to myself.
    Out loud.
    I even ask myself questions.
    Out loud.
    Which I answer.
    Out loud.
    So I'm hoping it's not a sign of anything bad, other than the fact that I might be a little bit crazy. 
    But aren't we all??? ;) 
  • I tend to talk to myself, sometimes loud enough for others to hear me in another room. I've even been told that I talk in my sleep. Generally, I like to give myself a quick pep talk to keep myself motivated. Therefore I don't consider it a sign of mental retardation but something smart people would do. Now, I don't consider myself a genius of any sort but I do believe in the power of positive affirmations.
  • I talk to myself too. I think probably everyone does it, just not out loud. My guess is that it's hard for us to imagine everyone talking to themselves because it's hard to imagine what somebody else's inner voice sounds like since it is a personal experience. I think some might have it more severe though, to the point where they can't keep it in as well as others.
  • I also talk to myself especially in times of confusion or problems. I don't usually talk aloud, just inside my head. I try to weigh in the consequences if I do this or that. I don't think it's sign of a mental problem, it's just a better way of comprehending a situation. Especially when you're alone or you don't want to talk with other people for fear of judgment. For me, those are the reasons anyway. 
  • I seriously hope it doesn't mean you're retarded. I talk to myself sometimes too.

    I agree with other people on the forum. I think talking to yourself can be kind of normal, even banal. I've known people who kind of mutter to themselves to remind themselves of things. I sometimes laugh out loud when remembering something, or let out a "buhh!" when recalling something embarassing. It's pretty normal. 
  • I do the same and was tested for the gifted program (and qualified) during my school years. It's just a habit I learned from seeing my mom doing it. It's not a sign of mental redardation at all.
  • I talk to myself all the time and I can tell you it is not a sign of being a retard. In fact, most genius are known talk to themselves :-)
  • I highly doubt it's a sign of mental retardation. It's probably more a sign of loneliness than anything, or maybe some of us are just wired that way.
  • I think that most people talk to themselves. It could be a way of motivating themselves to do something so sometimes just talking to remind themselves of something so they don't forgot. I know so many people who talk to themselves. I really don't see it as a problem.
  • Well.. I know a lot of people that talk to themselves. Me, included in that list. I will usually talk to myself while doing something I'm concentrating on. I'll also occasionally answer myself after asking a question. I have been called out on it before but people just mostly laugh it off. I don't know if it does anything, but it's similar to having someone to bounce ideas off of. I mean, saying things out loud generally make things clearer at times and when I speak to inanimate things or my pet, that is usually the reason. I don't really think it's a sign of mental retardation, simply a way to cope/motivate/focus more.
  • I talk to myself all the time  . Sometimes my kids or wife think I'm talking to them . I also have a mentally retarded sister . She talks to herself less than some people I know . I see no correlation . I believe it just means we are thinking out loud . 
  • Well it depends of course. I am an English teacher for example and I talk to myself all the time. I am not mentally retarded or in some weird process of becoming retarded.

    We have a saying here that goes like this, sort of. If you see a man talking to himself he either an accountant or he owes money or he is trying to build a house from the scratch. The last one was a recent addition to the original.
  • I also do the same and I always thought it's pretty normal. I usually speak to myself in the languages I'm learning (mostly english and japanese) but sometimes I speak to myself in my native tongue. I feel it makes my thinking become less crowded and I can organize my thoughts better like this. Sometimes it's also good even to relieve yourself from anything that's draining you or worrying you- even if there's no one listening to you it can be a great reliever.
  • I talk out loud all the time. But not like to myself or answering myself. I just like to talk out loud about what I'm doing or something. Or read things out loud that I am reading online or something. 
  • I also talk to myself. Especially when I need expert advice. HA!HA!

    But kidding aside, I do not think that this is a sign of mental retardation. I think that it helps that we can talk to ourselves, especially when we need introspection.
  • I don't think it's a sign at all. Like many people and I tend to think, talking to yourself is completely normal. I do it all the time and it's quite fun so I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
  • Of course not, and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. I often find me having a conversation with myself, be it aloud or just in my mind, and it helps me to relief stress.
  • Don't worry you are completely normal. I even talk to myself sometimes. Whether it's while I'm thinking or trying to reassure myself.
  • As the comments say, We all talk to ourselves, it's kind of fun actually to hear your own opinions. I usually speak with myself loudly when I am driving and stuff, people just think I'm on the phone or whatever.
  • Whenever I am alone, I would always talk to my self in a talking quiet voice. It's a little funny as its like my brain is a second person and understands my mouth. No I am not mental and it is never a sign of mental. It's really good to do this actually as you can keep a tab on possible cautions or problems that are going on and you can think of solutions to them as well.
  • My Iq is well above average and I have done it.  What a ridiculous conclusion. How do people come up with thisstuff?
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