Should I try sleeping pills at all?

One of the things that I struggle with when I am withdrawing is excess anxiety, and for this reason I feel as though I need something to help me sleep. However, the last thing that I want to do is to become too reliant on them, and end up not being able to come off them, so do you think that this is something that I should be worrying about?

I really don't want to just replace one bad habit for another, however I could genuinely do with something that could help me sleep!
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  • @gemmar hello! when it's tough to sleep, life can become interesting....your body needs adequate sleep...are you open to alternative options...some people say melatonin helps them sleep...maybe drink some tea or some warm golden milk before bed...guided meditation..

    i don't need sleep aids, so i don't have great advice here...but perhaps others do.
  • I'd really not recommend using sleeping pills at all, if possible. They are deemed to be more addicting than helpful and you're only going to hurt yourself in the end. There are better ways to cope with your feelings, and I know what you're going through since I suffer from anxiety as well. Drinking some hot tea and trying to relax your body before going to bed are just some of my solutions when I can't fall asleep.
  • Talk to someone when the anxiety kicks in. It will make you feel better. Never rely on anything in life except on your own self!
  • Don't.  They cause an habit so soon, I know from experience.   Maybe if your doctor guides you on how to do it, once our family doctor prescribed my mom sleeping pills for 7 days.  Sadly as I said she became addicted and ended up taking those for 6 full months... she then quit cold turkey and did experience some really serious withdrawal symptoms. 
  • No never do so because if you do for once then you will need to take every time when you go to bed and this can make you addited to sleeping pills.
  • To rax, its incorrect to say using once will lead to instant addiction. Of course there is potential for addiction but if prescibed correctly, it is usually just a case of getting a few that will aid some people in escaping insomnia.

    It all depends on how bad lack of sleep becomes. If a person cannot sleep then there are consequences that can be dangerous. In such cases, sleeping pills are an option and its unlikely using once will get yo addicted.

    It is people who abuse these medications that risk addiction and using increasingly higher doses to do so.

    Good luck to anyone out there.
  • I wouldn't recommend sleeping pill as they can make you addicted to it, some sleeping pills benzodiazepines based work really well but if you continue to use it for a while its gonna get you, and then its even hard to sleep with them besides the withdrawal, it's just not a good option. Try some natural sleeping aids like valerian root, see if it works for you.
  • I also don't think that sleeping pills are the best option for you, it's incredible the amount of people around the world who are addicted to them, and this isn't a good sign. There's a lot of different alternatives out there, from meditation and yoga to natural remedies such as teas and natural pills for sleeping, you should do some research about it.
    Good luck!
  • I am impressed with Fermin, as he said in his words that it will make you addicted to it and then it would be hard to sleep without using sleeping pills and you will be then dependent on them for deep sleep and slowly you will see that you are not able to sleep on own and you will be so much dependent on them that you will need to carry it with you wherever you will visit and this can be a source of embarrassment for you from your friends or relatives.
    Try to sleep without the help of any drugs and to make changes in your habits as this can be a problem of not getting sleep. Make you a better man.
    Good Luck.
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