Can older folks be addicted to a party lifestyle?

Many of us here are young, or were young at some point. When we reach our late teens and peering into adulthood, we have this urge to celebrate and party. Hormones are running amok and we want to have fun with our friends and those of the opposite sex. A strong party atmosphere and scene can be found among high school kids and those in college or university.

It's okay to party during that period and enjoy one's youth. After all, we are only young once and time can fly past so quickly. But there are many who go past this phase and still wish to party in their late 20's, 30's, 40's and even 50's. It's not uncommon to hear of older folks frequenting night clubs and bars that are meant for a far younger crowd.

Do you think this is healthy or have these older folks not enjoyed enough of their younger years that they wish to carry on in this manner? 

Or where they party animals when they were young and remain addicted to this lifestyle?
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  • @alex_dees82 hey there! good question!

    i imagine many of them are alcoholics or drug addicts...others may be lonely...seems a good deal of people who go through divorce or breakups frequent the party scene, thinking they are enjoying their new found freedom and maybe will meet a new romantic partner.

    maybe someone who didn't party when young might feel like they want to try it..but i think it has various factors. addiction is a big part, i think...
  • Definitely! Some old people never forget how they used to be. Even my mother who's now in her mid 50''s is going out to bars. She doesn't want to attract people or something, she just wants to have a little bit of fun. Dance, joke around - all that fun stuff.
  • I believe the ones who are still party animals when they are old failed to mature, or have no family, jobs or responsibilities. Usually when you step into adulthood and finish your studies you get a job thus limit your free time. But if you got nothing to do, you can still party and live a "night life". In my opinion, they look a funny and a bit silly.
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