Trying to Push Schizophrenic Owner out of Property

I have been having a terrible time of it at work. Recently one of the owners that is a diagnosed schizophrenic has decided she does not need to take her meds and the result has been just awful. It is to the point where the police are called often and she is driving the neighbors nuts. because this is a private community there is a neighbor that feels like we should be able to just make her move out. That is not so easy since these are home owners. the board has attempted to intervene and has imposed fines yet the drama continues.

On the one hand I feel like they should leave this woman alone so that the authorities can get her into something that will help her, on the other hand there is a lot of pressure on the board because the residents do not understand that basically this woman has rights, even if she is disruptive. the newest thing is they are suggesting she "could" be violent although there has been no incidence or proof of this. Really the only thing is she is creeping out people and singing LOUDLY and often. is there a way to help someone in this situation?

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  • Does your police force have CIT officers? These are officers who are specially trained to deal with people who are having mental health issues. You may want to talk with the local police and see if they have officers like this who are available to respond when residents call on this woman. You also may want to consult your neighborhood's attorney (most HOAs have one they use) to discuss this woman's rights with concerned home owners. Just because she COULD be violent, doesn't mean they can discriminate against her due to a yet unseen possibility.
  • I think @Alianna has given some good advice regarding talking with the local police.  Seeking a bit more information about the situation might help you to decide how you want to handle things.  They might be aware of her mental health difficulties and be making some sort of plan behind the scenes (or not!).

    Does she have any family or friends that visit you could have a private word to?  They might not realize how things have changed recently and might be able to help with the situation.
  • @sunnydaze i feel for you and i feel for the woman. i do hope someone can get her back on her she willing to do this?  has anyone just sat and had a compassionate heart to heart with her?  i do not know the is no fun to have disruptive neighbors for sure..and i'm sure she's not enjoying being schizophrenic...

    has anything been resolved since you posted?
  • @dominica ; Well recently I was able to have a chat with this woman. She stopped in to say that she needed a statement of her account because people had come to see her because she was not paying her bills. So I gave her what she wanted and showed her how in the last six months she was letting things slide with us as well. I told her I know she is very exact with her bills and this is probably just a medication issue. Sure enough she came back and paid in full. She told me she will find a new doctor which is good news,

    I saw pictures of her home online since her house is for sale. I have no idea how this poor woman could even be living there since the place is almost totally empty. Even in her closet she only has a few sets of clothes.  I feel for her and feel she is a victim to a certain degree. I try to be nice to her. 

  • This is awful, she is mentally ill :(  Maybe some one should have a talk with her, an honest and open one...  Maybe let her know what the board thinks, so maybe she considers taking her meds.  Someone will have to have a talk with her sooner or later, but I wonder when or who?  This poor woman is sick, it's awful all those people treat her like that, so sad...
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