Blogger Claims No Such Thing as Sex Addiction

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  • I think this writer has a point, to a certain extent, but they neglect to talk about those whose lives are seriously disrupted by porn. They seem only to be considering those who might indulge, say once or twice a week. 
  • We consider an addiction to be an activity over which we have no self control. I do believe in individual's ability to control his sexual behavior. Not everything that we feel we necessarily need to enact. So my answer to the question is that we can be sexually addicted.
  • @LinB that was well said - I think you're right. Just because we "can" do something as humans doesn't mean we should. In some cases I do think that the term addiction is used to justify any sort of behaviour that may be seen as inappropriate or unsavory by some people.
  • It is possible to be addicted to sex when you neglect the important things and just think about sex in the mind which can be dangerous, and also need to be aware of what can happen if misused. I reckon that people need to see this as something that can cause people to desire sex, when it is not appropriate and that can cause problems for them. Some people may not see it as an addiction as it may not be in the news as much as other things which can cause an addiction at times.
  • I think that's very deceiving and people who DO have addiction with this, will use it as an excuse to continue to indulge in it. I think they might have their own problems.
  • You can be addicted to literally anything. You feel sick of it but you cannot control yourself, no matter how much you want to stop the behavior. Addiction to sex, masturbation, or anything related is a serious issue, it ruins marriages and relationships, and makes people hate themselves. Seriously, pseudo-intellectuals who believe they have learned the science of addiction over night seriously grind my gears.
  • It's possible to be addicted to anything, it's simple knowledge grounded in neuro sciences and brain chemistry. So I would have to totally disagree with him. You can find people building habitual behavior and transitioning to full blown dependant addictions with mediums that are far weirder, most people probably couldn't even imagine, but it exists, that's just how it is. 
  • i do not care for the article. sure, things in moderation are pleasant (sex, food, drink, porn, whatever you want) but addiction is not pleasant and well, work in the addiction field long enough and you'll see many souls tormented over their inability to stop...the struggle. i agree with @nergaahl "pseudo-intellectuals who believe they have learned the science of addiction over night seriously grind my gears." nicely said.
  • no discussion from me, primarily because the writer's premise or understanding of 'addiction' is only on the surface level.
    addiction isn't an issue on just the inability to be responsible for one's actions. it's more than that. if it were just an 'excuse', then getting out if it should just be as easy as deciding to start it.
    the struggles of getting out of an addiction is indicative that addiction doesn't come with an ON/OFF switch button.
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