Do You Sometimes Doubt God?

During our most trying times, when problems and weaknesses storm in and overwhelm us. Sometimes, even the strong of faith buckle and stumble. How do you stand firm with God. What do you pray for?
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  • I took some philosophy and theology courses back when I was in university, so I've read a lot about God. Back then I learned to understand the way God works, and it helped me understand the role we have in the world. I don't doubt God, because I know that God is everywhere and will bring me happiness no matter what. I pray for my family, for their well-being and for our future together. 
  • If you believe in God, then there are absolutely those times where you question Him due to what's happening in your life. When that happens, you need to pray to get closer to Him in order to understand his will and desires for you. Then again, those that don't believe in God won't run into such conundrums, but they can face other questions about their own mortality and why things happen to themselves.
  • i don't necessarily believe in god as most define the term.  i do believe in a power greater than us...a creator or consciousness...i will get quiet and try to connect with this power when necessary...when i used to be into the christian god, i did doubt at times...i think this topic is so vast and mysterious.. i do think that having faith in something greater than us is helpful.
  • I believe in God. But as a human in this Earthly world, I am bound by Earthly emotions and lies that surround this fallen world. These bring clouds on how I view God. But when the dark clouds crept I try to remind myself of who God is - his characters. Not just remind myself of his character, but to actually pray and ask for HIS help to remove the doubts in my head and to focus my mind on who He is as Jesus revealed to the world, especially to the promises He gave such as those of promises of peace, not worry or any other negative stuff. 
  • I think people who doubt or begin to doubt God should start reading up on New Thought philosophy. There's a lot of fascinating information there which can not only help you achieve a higher state of consciousness where you experience nothing but love, peace, comfort and light but it can also teach you ways of proving to yourself that there is indeed some kind of higher power, or God-consciousness, which we are all attuned to and which we all have the power to tap in to. We all have a higher self, or higher conscious, which is capable of literally bending the physical world when we communicate with it properly.
  • I never doubt God.

    Someone who is in recovery should at all times pray for strength so that they'll neither lose their faith nor give in when cravings assail them. If you have faith that you'll get what you ask for them I'm sure you'll receive it. There was a time I'd given up on trying to fight my addiction but I continued praying asking for help to beat the addiction and one day the irresistible urge to use drugs was gone. And thus I began my journey towards recovery. Ask and you will receive.
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