Do Doctors Create Addictions?

Many doctors prescribe bezos as a daily medication for patients, often without explaining the addictive and abuse potentials. Do you think this makes doctors as culpable as the person themself for abusing benzos?
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  • Definitely, but I always ask doctors about the complications (addiction, side effects) of my medication if I'm about to get some. I know for a fact that sleeping pills are one of the most addictive things in the world, but there are a lot of other ones as well.
  • @alianna i do think some doctors do not warn patients of the addictive nature of such. for instance, my daughter went to one dr who prescribed her xanax for anxiety...she got a 2nd opinion and he took her off xanax and put her on a less addictive medicine...he explained the reason why and was helpful. the first dr. was not thorough. 

    i think you have to keep searching till you find a dr who will take the time to really care...explain...and give 100%.  
  • In my opinion, any kind of medication gets addictive if taken too much. And I believe anyone should be aware of this and not fool around with drugs.

    However, doctors should warn patients about the risk of getting addicted to medication. Just to make sure they don't do anything stupid.
  • Doctors need to be more proactive in letting their patients know about the side effects associated with the drugs they prescribe. This includes the body becoming addicted to the drug even if taken as prescribed. I had a horrible experience with Klonopin that was prescribed by my psychiatrist for my anxiety. I wrote a blog about it. If you want to read it, here's the link:

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