Vaping Drugs

Where I live, vaping pot is really popular. I think a lot of young people are doing it because they feel it's safer than smoking it, but it's really not. No one knows the long term effects of vaping on the lungs yet.
Article from CNN about vaping -
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  • @alianna wow! thanks for sharing this. it is terrible that people are vaping drugs. and it's tough to know what they are vaping b/c of the low odor.

    it's scary...great article for those interested in learning more.

  • I think that some people just want to try and get high which is something and hope people get the help they need, and also it can maybe wake them up one day which is needed. It can be something which may have mixed drugs or something which is untrustworthy, and also people need to be aware of it. I reckon that vaping drugs can cause problems and also need to be aware of what happens as it can cause health problems and also, the people close to them should be aware of them.
  • I have friends that vape and I just don't understand it. Can people smoke tobacco out of them too? Sometimes I can't tell what people are using it for. This article is very informative though. I didn't know all this, though it's not surprising.
  • Thanks for the share, I knew people vaped pot but I didn't know the issue was that serious. It's mostly seen practiced by teenagers because vaping is low odor, as @dominica said. Great read!
  • Thank you for posting, this is really informative and interesting too!
    I don't know a lot about vaping but it's a shame that people are using ot for this kind of proposes. And it's also curious how people think that is healthier vaping drugs than consuming them directly, they are still being drugs.
  • Yes we could say that vaping  is not safe too because there's no confirmation yet from any studies. But as long as it can help people for quitting from smoke, why not? Smoking already killed many people and there's no other way to keep them out of this addiction.
  • @kevin_S27 ;Hello and welcome. Thank you for your input. You are right that smoking does kill a lot of people. It's very sad. I hope that vaping is a safe alternative. I know some people use it as a transition to stop smoking entirely. That would be the best bet. Use it for a while and then stop both the cigarettes and The Vaping. That would probably be the safest bet.
  • I agree with Dominica: I think the best use of vaping is as a way to quit smoking.
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