Impact on You?

I'd like to hear from family members - What impact has the addict in your life had on you?
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  • i'm sure growing up with an alcoholic father had an impact on me. he wasn't mean, but he was emotional needs were not met by him or my mother...i leaned to stuff feelings and walk on eggshells...and craved made an impact on my adult life for sure.  i actually attracted an addict into my life...b/c it was familiar. interesting.

  • @Alianna... 

    I grew up with an alcoholic father, and that experience pretty much ruined my childhood. Then, when he was 15, my oldest son started self-medicating to help alleviate his severe depression. He ended up addicted to heroin. Needless to say, the next seven years or so were kind of a living hell. 

    Addiction is a family disease, and it affects everyone connected to the addict. The addict and their addiction are like the stone you throw into the middle of a stream, and the ripples that it produces touch all of the family members and loved ones. 

    I have a blog that documents a lot of my experiences with my son, who is now 3+ years clean. If you start at the beginning, you'll get an up-close-and-personal look at what me and my family went through. Here's the link:

  • My parent's addictions had a huge impact on me. I always felt like I was worthless, that their addictions were more important than me...and really, they were. Getting drunk was more important that showing up at school events or sometimes even picking me up from school. I have self esteem issues to this day. There was also a lot of abuse inflected on me or allowed to occur from others while they were drunk. I have severe mental health problems today, stemming back to my parents addictions.
  • My parents were both addicted to alcohol, I had an aunt which was addicted to cocaine, so my childhood was pretty horrible. My dad used to beat me a lot and Mum did not care at all. After he died, I can say life got better, but everything was still awful. I become addicted to smoking and alcohol, and I ran from home after I finished school. It was hard, but now I'm living a good, sober life.
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