Erasing Meth Memories

Scientists have found a new chemical which will erase memories formed while a perps was high on meth. Do you think this could be a useful tool in recovery?
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  • It could be helpful, but most times people quit their addiction because of the horrible memories they have with their drug of choice. If they would be removed, the users would have no more motivation to quit, and would be prone to trying it "for the first time" again. But it's a nice innovation, it could be used with helping people forget some traumas that haunt them.
  • I reckon it could work for some people and would need to see the negative effects as that is what you need to check before releasing this to the public, and it needs to be tested really well. I think the memory of meth is not a good thing as most people want to forget this memory and it can, cause stress to think of the past when they used to do this drug. I reckon it should make a person not wanting to try it out again and hope it works out for the better and, should be approved when it is ready for the public.
  • I don't know about this. Makes me very skeptical. I think about other possibilities that can come with that and it's scary. It might be beneficial, but we all have bad memories we'd like to forget. That's just part of life.
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