In relationship with an addict again!

My past boyfriend of 8 years is a sex and gambling addict. He had problems with self-control and after much heartache and struggle, I have finally found a way to let him go. Fast forward to today and I am in another relationship, who also happens to be a gambling addict. I only found out he was a gambling addict 3 years into the relationship when we were already living together.

Is it just coincidence? I have often wondered what is it in me that seems to attract gambling addicts? Or is it society's fault that more and more men are getting addicted to gambling because the temptations are literally everywhere from the lottery centers to the online gaming spots.
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  • I don't know if it's just coincidence or you really attract such men. But I do know that there are lots of men and women nowadays who are addicted to gambling. It might be because of the numbers of lottery enters or online casinos. But really, some people have just addictive personalities too. They might be more prone to addictions. I wish you luck and I hope that your partner may be able to recover from his addiction!
  • I haven't met so many gambling addicts, in fact I only met two or three my whole life. It must be just a coincidence, an unfortunate one. But who knows, maybe this time things will be better and with some love and support he may get rid of it. Give him a chance, and see how the relationship goes. Good luck!
  • Thanks for the insights. I guess things happen for a reason and I come across them for a reason. Maybe this time I will change my perspective and try to extend help and support to my partner.
  • I almost never blame external influences for addictions existing, personally, in the same way I'd never blame beer for people becoming alcoholics because I think having freedom to make and choose is important. As for gravitating towards a certain type of person, I think that is a natural setting for most of us, as we don't know what makes us attracted to certain things and people since it is all subconscious choices for the most part instilled in us as we were growing up. If you dislike this pattern then the best way to go about it in my opinion is to be more aware of the details of your attraction so you'd know the hints you'd have to look for and can thus make an effort to curb it or sometimes we also need the views of an outside source.
  • I think it is a coincidence haha! Who knew the chances of being in a relationship with a gambling addict like both your ex and your current boyfriend? I think little to non but that is puzzling nonetheless.
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