Thinking of Attending a Luxury Rehab Center?

If you’re thinking of attending a rehab center, maybe you wonder just what a luxury rehab center is all about. Maybe you’ve seen movies where the rehab center looks more like a resort than a treatment facility and in some cases, that may be true. Do you get to lounge by the pool all day and sleep in a glorious upscale suite? Is a luxury rehab center just as good as other types?

Let’s take a look.

The Amenities
Luxury rehabs are luxurious for a variety of reasons. One reason is because they offer amenities that other rehabs don’t, but let’s not forget that it all comes with a price. Here are some amenities that you may find at luxury rehabs:

Luxurious suites: Yes, the suites in luxury rehabs will remind you of a nice resort and some will even offer you your own private suite; others will have you share one. This is a nice option for those who prefer to stay alone or like having a roommate.

Massage therapy: A luxury rehab may have professional massage therapists so you can relax fully and get all those kinks out. Not only do massages help you physically, they can also relieve a lot of mental stress.

Trainers and Fitness Center: Some luxury rehabs will have personal trainers and a fitness center so you can take some time to exercise while at rehab.

Acupuncture: This Chinese philosophy of healing will be present at some centers, providing an opportunity for you to free up blocked energy, or chi.

Excellent food: Enjoy an on-site chef at a luxury rehab that will prepare delicious meals for you.
Beautiful destination: Many luxury rehabs are built at the beach or in a beautiful spot in nature so you can enjoy beautiful scenery and Mother Earth.

Pool: Some luxury rehabs have a swimming pool and/or Jacuzzi for you to enjoy.

Business Center: For those who need the internet and/or phone for business, some have a business center for you. They realize that not everyone can simply unplug from work for the duration of treatment.

More: You may find things like a spa, game rooms, libraries, and more in order to have you feeling like a king or queen at rehab.

Do you get quality treatment?
Absolutely. Luxury rehabs still have the primary focus on helping addicts and alcoholics get free and learn to live a life without using substances. Not only that, they offer counseling to help you get to the root of any issues you are having or old wounds that weigh you down. Some offer the 12 Step approach to treatment, whereas others don’t. Sure, luxury rehabs may feel a bit like vacation, but you’re still expected to do personal work, attend therapy, and be open to learning positive and healthy ways to navigate life.

Would you attend a luxury rehab? Have you? If so, what was your experience like?
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