Don't make the same mistakes again !

So just want to remind you how dangerous it is to make the mistakes you made in the past again and again. I think there's even a behavioral problem related to this. making the sma mistakes just ruins your self confidence beyond recovery ! I'm speaking out of experience.
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  • I agree. I think most people are guilty of this but it's hard to change your ways when you've grown so used to doing things a certain way. Some are lucky that they have people around them to guide them out of a rut or some might just be more able to due to better awareness and education but for most people it is just a vicious cycle.
  • Your right it all has to do in my opinion with coping skills and reprogramming your mind it's easer said then done I'm still trying after relapsing a million times and like tata wrote it is a visious cycle I know from experience as well the I'm sorry the next day the loss of trust from my wife and the unnecessary stress we put on or loved ones not to mention the depression and anxiety we do to are selves it's not worth it
  • I could somehow agree with you about that. Don't make the same mistakes twice. Just forgive, forget, and move on. Learn from your experiences in life. 
  • it takes awareness to stop from making them again....the more conscious i become, the better i am at breaking negative cycles...

    thanks for the reminder!
  • It's important to live consciously and be aware of your mistakes in the past and the upcoming situations, even though no one can know themselves 100 percent but it definitely worth the try.
  • Making mistakes is okay, everybody does it. But making the same mistake over and over again and not learning anything from it is not. However, sometimes I cannot help and repeat something bad I did in the past, just to feel awful because I did it afterwards. I guess repeating mistakes is also a part of our lives, huh?
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