cannot control my sex addiction. What can I do?

 cannot control my sex addiction. What can I do?

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  • Whenever you feel like you are in a situation to engage in sex because of your addiction, find other equally important or enjoyable means to spend your time and energy.

    Think of all the negative effects of 'sexual addiction' and read up on these consequences to remind yourself of the risks.

    Lastly, speak to a therapist about your addiction. It is always best to get professional help.
  • The jury is still out on how to define this problem. It is certainly an issue that requires treatment at any rate. There is a good article at WebMD on the matter.
  • Get some help you can't do it alone. Talk to someone, get a therapist, join groups etc. addictions are a sign of deeper problems usually. Identify your triggers, start journaling do anything to stop you thinking about addictions participating in recreation and sports help. 
  • I'm guessing this is one of the harder things to tackle because it's internal and you don't need to buy anything to get by. That said, as with any addiction, I think the best way to go about it is to find the source of the problem which usually is a past event or environment that molded you into what you are now, so the more you are aware of what that is the more you could do to fight it.
  • Sex addiction can either be these things: 1) hormonal imbalance, 2) psychological/behavioural issue and 3) problematic reproductive system. You can: 1) check with a health expert for further advice, 2) seek a spiritual counsellor and make an effort to control your libido, and 3) undertake meaningful activities that would take your mind off such an addiction.
  • Hello there, @hoangvinh! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. It's really difficult to break an addiction, even sex addiction, but if it's already affecting your life in a negative way, you should really try to break free from it. You would have to keep your focus, and be very strong, specially in times of temptations. You can do it. Have faith in yourself. Keep us posted.
  • Just try to avoid situations in which you know you might end up meeting someone new and end up having sex with them. As simple as that.  Right now the most important thing is that you avoid that kind of situations, that is a very important part of learning to control your addiction.   It takes will control to actually stay at home and avoid that kind of situations. 
  • I’m married can’t stop sex controls my life not so much porn the mind part of sex then it turns into just getting off there are times that I will get off by any means possible and that’s very risky I know this but I can’t stop, suggestions?! Please
  • @lbkg Well, you sound like a sex addict, so I'd suggest stopping by a meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous, even if it's just to listen. Beyond that, you should have a professional gauge your level of addiction and determine what the best course of action is for you. It could be therapy, inpatient rehab, medication or some combination. But the point is, if you have an addiction, you're not going to be able to do this by yourself. Get help.
  • @Lbkg hello and welcome. thanks for reaching out. i'd have to say that going to a therapist may be helpful. it's obvious you can't make the changes you want on your own.... and a therapist may be able to help you get to the root of the issues...and help you learn tools to refrain from such behavior.

    of course, reading up on this might help too. begin a journey to understand addiction a bit and sex addiction.

    and come here to share...there are some here that can offer some great insight @JoshuaShea

    again, thank you for reaching out.
  • Thank you I’m considering seeing someone , doesn’t seem to be a lot in my arear but I do need to do this
  • @Lbkg i think that's a great decision. i think you'll benefit too. takes some work up front to find someone, but worth it.

    know that we are here to listen anytime.
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