Is putting others down a type of saddism ?

There are some people that seem to get pleasure from constantly putting others down. I don't think it is a case of low self esteme, it is as if they get pleasure from making others unhappy. Maybe it is similar to how some people torture animals or something.
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  • I think there are a number of things you could be referring to here.  Emotional abuse/blackmail for example.  Most people who put others down do indeed usually do it in order to elevate their own levels of self-esteem - of course, they are not really being elevated, it just feels like they are and so they need to keep doing it.  People who actually get pleasure from making others unhappy and get a kick from watching them suffer, then yes I would say that is sadism.  It's kind of similar to how some people, especially youngsters, torture animals.  Torturing animals at a young age is usually a sign that there's something very wrong - lack of empathy/shame/guilt/conscience.  I also think there's a fine line between (malignant) narcissism and sadism.
  • Yeah, I could expect that would be a kind of sadism. It's definitely not on the level of torturing small animals but it could be sadism. I think the only two reasons that people really do put others down is their own insecurities and then some kind of sadism indeed. 
    Some people are definitely improving their self esteem by putting others down--they do it so others look at them as being bigger and stronger and better than whoever they're talking to.
  • I guess it is. Those people that put others down just because they can are evil in the inside and they need to be avoided, they are our worse enemy when we want to recover. 
  • If they are just cranky people it's okay, I am one of them too when people I don't really like approach me. But if they are rude without any reason and insult you so bad they make you want to go in a corner and cry, they are just deranged idiots. They are not torturing people physically, that's true, but they are torturing they soul by not letting them be. You don't want these people in your life.
  • Of course, some people are also manipulators.  They feel the need to treat other people in such a way,so that they can work out what their strengths and weaknesses are.  Then, once they've found those weaknesses, they can play on those weaknesses in order to control and manipulate people - kind of a way of keeping people at arm's length, if you know what I mean.  They don't like anyone to get too close to them (emotionally).
  • Some people who are trying to put down other people are those who are jealous of others achievements and success in life. They are doing this in order that these people will not surpass them and be above them. They are happy if they know other people had problems and suffers too much in their life. Sad to say I think this kind of person is sadism.
  • I think people get pleasure from bullying and harassing others because they don't face their own demons. They feel better amount themselves because they feel they have more power. In the end though their own personal troubles will surface and if you don't create real positive relationships they don't last. 
  • According to definition it is.  The dictionary states it is the tendency to derived pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others; it is deliberate cruelty.  Rather than doing it to make themselves feel better, it is sadistic to have pleasure in strictly the action.  It is not about gaining satisfaction from feeling better but solely from another person's pain.  So, especially if the person bullying is enjoying themselves because the victim hurts, it would be considered a case of sadism.
  • Often this shows a lack of self-confidence. They put others down in a way to lift themselves up, since they don't know how to do that otherwise. Sadism is also something that can be used to let yourself feel powerful. There are also people who like it in a sexual act, while never using such methods in their normal social life. When giving pain to others fills them with enjoyment, they are sadists. There can be different reasons why they enjoy this, but that can difference totally from one person to another.
  • This could be a form of a power tripping.  One tests his ability to affect another's thoughts and actions.  He or she wants to feel superior.  One for of feeling that way is to make others feel low about themselves.  You can qualify it as emotional sadism.  What is worse is that, emotional pain will take some time to wear off or heal.
  • Well, this is interesting to contemplate... I think no matter what low self esteem is involved in this. Getting pleasure from this is a way people can boost their own esteem and feel powerful. They would not have to resort to torturing animals or bringing down people if they were ok with themselves, right? But then again I guess there is the occasional psychopath out there who really is just pure evil.
  • Yes. There are a lot of people who like seeing others to suffer. It's an evil way of bullying. But I think these bullies are also victims of abuse or is going through some mental illness, they ought to get help as well.
  • I suspect it's not really sadism but more of a method to manipulate or gain control of the person or situation. You see this with superiors and people of authority all the time. They do this because they want their credibility to be attached solely to their position of authority. Putting other people down elevates their own stature and makes them seem non-reprehensible.
  • Well, I've been doing some research into sadism for a few upcoming articles I'm planning on writing and what I have read is that yes, what you describe as above would indeed be classed as sadism. The definition of sadism in psychiatric terms also includes emotional abuse/blackmail, psychological/mental abuse or manipulative and controlling behaviour which is carried out for self-gratification, whether it be to boost self-esteem, ego or to gain control over a situation. They do not necessarily have to display any kind of pleasure from the activity. Sadism is a trait often present in many personalty disorders and therefore Sadistic Personality Disorder no longer has it's own diagnosis - in other words, sadism is just a trait.
  • I think, it is some form of perversion. Normal individuals cannot behave so. Sadism, insecurity alone could prompt an individual to behave like that. If a person, is constantly trying to play one-upmanship, it indicates, he is intimidated by some special qualities in other individuals. In order to establish himself over others, he resorts to bullying tactics. This is personality disorder and the affected individual should seek counselling.
  • Sadism is really a different thing. This would be more of an attempt to gain control over someone/something, or on its belongings, or whatever... you get my point. If you look up the definition of saddism, you will see a completely different definition.
  • Putting other people down is a sign of low self esteem and lack of  confidence. Like any form of bullying, its easy to pick on others rather than look at your own life and fix the issues your going through yourself.
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