Addiction to your own perfume?

Did it happened to your before to like your perfume so much that you would always puff it in large quantities before going outside? It happened to me, sometimes I even used it in the close room when I'm home just so I could smell it, everything that I think about when I smell it it's that people will get the same feeling as I have when they'll be around me on the streets, but that doesn't explain why I like to use it even at home.
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  • Maybe you just like that smell. I love the smell of food cooking and baked goods so much that I would close the kitchen door and just smell them (especially if the oven was filled with chocolate cookies). To me that smell is truly addictive, but not in a bad way. It doesn't harm you, it's just a smell you like, so use it and abuse it!
  • It's hardly an addiction though is it?  What I mean is, you won't go into withdrawal and start climbing the walls if you don't get a sniff and, to be honest, I feel it somewhat irresponsible to attach the term "addiction" to what is nothing more than a personal preference. 
  • As others have already said I don't think it's an addiction, simply a scent preference. There's plenty of things that I love the smell of (a lemony scented face scrub I have, my shampoo, my perfume, shower gel that smells like chocolate, fresh baked bread...the list goes on) but am I addicted to them? No way!
  • @genevb yes, i agree that it would only be addiciton if you were going through withdrawal or great anxiety without it....i suppose it could become an addiction though; just like many other things.  too much inhalation is prob not good for your lungs though...sad to say that many perfumes have toxic fumes...yep, they smell good, but some of the chemicals are not great for our lungs.

    i adore some perfumes as well. and cologne. :) LOVE!
  • I think that is the same as having an addiction to glue or an addiction adhesives. They do smell nice and sometimes, you can't get enough of them. There are people who get addicted by smells, I know of a few people who get addicted with the smell of gasoline, I myself included. As long as,you can still turn away from it easily, then there is no problem. Remember also, that perfume has alcohol. It is addictive.
  • I don't usually use perfume, I just shower every time before I go outside and pick some clean clothes, and that gets me a subtle, nice smell (not a very big fan of perfumes you can smell for a meter away, I prefer to long for someone's scent, making me want to get closer to her).

    But I had a habit consisting in smelling acetone, and a solution I used for my warts, so it's pretty much the same thing. I soon realized that if I do it anymore, it will become a nasty addiction, so I stopped in time.
  • I love perfumes as well and I don't think this is something that should be considered an addiction. I sometimes use a lot of cologne just to smell good but I'm not addicted to it by any means, it just smells nice. :)
  • I totally love the smell of my perfume, and I like wearing it wherever I go, but I don't think it is already considered as an addiction. Probably you have just formed a habit with it, but not really a serious addiction. 
  • @dominica yes I guess you're right, I'm not using it for 2 days and I don't feel any withdrawal symptoms, I guess that it's the fact that along with that smell I've went through some great times, and that smell somehow it triggers the feelings I've had through those times
  • I've gotten addicted to certain smells before and thankfully I never put in much effort to pursue it or else I'd probably have another habit to deal with by now. I did get somewhat addicted to a certain perfume but it wasn't my own and I've been looking for it for a while but sadly I didn't get the name of it but like I said I guess that is a blessing in disguise.
  • I'd consider it as a habit or a fond. You really like that perfume so you'd want to spray yourself more with it. Not really an addiction in my books.
  • I wouldn't say it is an addiction but I really love one particular perfume. I never buy any if I cannot find this one or I have no money. If that happens I use some deodorants until I get the money. It is Channel Allure for Men. I think it is the best perfume that I ever felt.
  • I used to put on large quantities of perfume when I was young, but quickly realized that not so much needs to be applied. Yes, I do have a fragrance which I love to put on a regular basis simply because it smells so damn awesome. However, I wouldn't consider myself addicted. 
  • I haven't heard from this before this thread, and I definetly love perfumes. As other people have commented, maybe you just like the smell of it, I think that maybe is not an addiction unless it's affecting other aspects of your life. You should maybe try other fragances, change the game a little bit, I guess.
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