I've become the object of addiction/obsession

I wrote about this before but it's taken a sudden and drastic turn. I had a male friend who I thought understood I am engaged and only a friend. In the past few weeks, I became an object of his obsession and he basically became addicted to me! He'd only show up at the place we met (a hang out place) if he knew I'd be there. He text me constantly, wanting to know where I was and what I was doing all the time. Despite having many conversations about how his texting wasn't okay, he continued to do it.
Finally, the other day he was physically inappropriate with me. I told him to stop contacting me and Monday I'm meeting him in a public place with friends to tell him that he will NEVER have any contact with me again.

I'm updating this story because people like this are dangerous. You lose your humanity to people like this...they don't see you as human, they see you as an object they want to possess and control.
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  • I'm sure you already know what you need to do, judging by what you've written. If you've had all these red flags already and he is being obsessive with you, listen to what your gut instincts tell you - they are usually right. Also, bear in mind that being obsessive and being controlling are also forms of abuse with serious long-term implications.
  • @alianna thank you for sharing. i remember you talking about this. i'm glad that you are having a conversation with him. be strong and set those boundaries well. it's ok to cut all contact for sure.....sounds like he cannot keep himself from obsessing. you are doing the right thing in addressing this in such a mature way.

    if he continues to harass you, you may need to think about further action....

    sending you big hug!
  • I remember your previous thread too. Although I'm really sorry that the situation worsened, I'm delighted to read that you are taking control of the situation. 

    You never know, this might end up being a turning point and prompt him to get the help he so obviously needs. So whatever you do, don't feel guilty. It's likely that you are, in fact, doing this guy a favor. 
  • You are doing the right thing! I hope he gets the message in Monday. If that fails, I think you need to have some protection from him, maybe a restraining order. And also, always bring something to protect yourself, even pepper spray or something pointy. We women are always at the higher risk of danger these days.
  • You're doing the right thing by cutting the contact with him. Better safe than sorry, people like this are really dangerous and can make you feel sad and bad about the situation. It's good that friends support you with this, having someone to talk to and understand you is important during these times. Best luck with it!
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