Favorite Coping Skills?

Or just any skill you know, really. I couldn't choose which mental disorder forum to put this in, so I figured a more general forum would be a better place for this thread. After all, coping skills are for everyone.
Let's get a good list going.

Here's some I've used:
  • Mindfulness/grounding by focusing on the five sense, putting oneself in the real world again
  • Challenging your fears in a safe way such as controlled exposure therapy
  • Sitting with the anxiety instead of using avoidance tactics
  • Doing something creative
  • Meditation
  • Write out how you're feeling and what caused you to feel that way, usually as a narrative, to help get over what happened

Skills that I know have worked for other people:
  • Drawing on yourself
  • Squeezing an ice cube really hard
  • Muscle tension and relaxation
  • Yoga and dance
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  • Living in the moment/mindfulness has been a lifesaver for me. When you take things a day at a time, and focus on the here and now, life just goes a lot smoother. I've come to learn that worrying doesn't actually DO anything!
  • I’ve used many of these coping skills myself. Creative and physical outlets have been particularly helpful for me, the latter in particular because they help me get out of my head and connect with my body. I would also add pampering myself, because it helps remind me that I’m worth something and I should never forget that.
  • @Dean I feel the same way.

    What do you guys think of talking things out with another person or just making sure you're not alone? I feel like both can work, the latter more than the former. 
  • Yeah, talking can help but it can be a bit of a double-edged sword at times. But making sure you aren’t isolated and that you have a good support network is essential, I think. I would always find that everything would feel worse when I was more isolated, but now that I’m making more of an effort to get myself out there and connect with people… well, there are still low times, of course, but nothing ever feels quite as dire as it used to.
  • @LittleCowprint Yeah, exactly! That's how I feel, too. I used to think I'd feel better if I were just left alone, but that (for me at least) just made me so much worse. We all need friends to get us outside of our heads. 

    Another coping skill I think I can put to the list is to go watch something fun like a movie or a Youtube video. Oh, and reading, too! Curling up with a good book and a hot drink is a good way to calm down. You have to limit the time of either of these, though, so it stays a nice a break and doesn't turn into avoidance. Hmmm... Yeah, I'll still say these count for the list. 
  • Ahh. @Dye_and_Hot_Weather hit the nail on the head.

    Watching youtube videos definitely helps me out a lot. Especially, getting a nice cup of coffee on a Caturday morning and watching nothing but Cats!

    I used to read a lot, too. But lately, I've been having trouble reading the books that are coming out now. Bestsellers, most of them, are not.
  • This is a really helpful post, thanks for posting!
    Personally, writing doesn't really work for me, I used to do it a lot few years ago and it just makes me think more about all the negative things in order to keep writing...But I'm sure that I will try the ice cube thing, it seems like a good way to substitute the physical pain without really hurting yourself.
  • If I have worries and do not have peace of mind because of a situation that I am going through what I am doing to cope with it is first I always pray and communicate with God and I find relief with this kind of coping skill. Then next I try to not to be alone but instead to be with the people I love like my family all the time so that I will not feel hopeless. This what I am always doing I do not self pity for myself and I always do reach out to my family.
  • I think meditation has helped me a lot in coping with day to day struggles. It enables me to focus and recharge after a stressful event. Sometimes, I even get away from the scenario or environment that is stressful and meditate somewhere else. Just to ease my mind and body. It works wonders!

    Music can also help me cope. I especially like old music as it tends to take me back to simpler days. When I'm sad, happy music can lift me up. I usually dance like crazy with my son and that can sure help me to get a smile in my face!
  • @Dye_and_Hot_Weather... Yes, talking things out can definitely help, as long as you have the right person to talk to. ;)
  • That's a great list. Thank you for sharing! :) Very relevant and helpful. 

    As for me, music and literature have always been my best companions. They always keep me sane and focused. Dancing is also a good way of relieving stress, and it helps you stay in shape as well.
  • Working out for me. Even just getting out of the house and walking my dog works wonders when I am stressed. Plus he gets a good long walk out of it, and there's not much cuter than a happy and content dog!
  • Mindfulness is something I use a lot. As much as it feels better to just let emotions lead the way on how I will react, I realize it is not the most productive method as there usually is a logical way to look at things that proves to be a better method. Whenever I feel life is being unfair, for example, I try not to let the emotions get the best of me and allow myself to feel sorry for my situation and instead I try and think about how good my life still is, objectively, and by doing that I'm able to bring myself out of the rut and start being thankful for what I do have.
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