I've Known for Years now I have Depression

(as well as many other things), but I've recently also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Doctors haven't told me if it's one or two or any of the other categories that I haven't really heard about until now. It makes sense that I have it. It also makes sense why it was never caught until now; I was already on medication that works as a mood stabilizer. So I'm neither surprised nor upset. Or not really. What I'm really wondering now is where I should go from here. Everything seems fine as is... Should I be doing anything different or differently than how I did before? I've told my friends who I know are also bipolar, and they're all super here for me. Everything seems set. 

I guess I don't know why I'm posting this if in the end I'm just saying I have no point. I think there's a point somewhere in there, but I don't remember what it was meant to be. Maybe I just like talking. (Actually, that is extremely true.) Still, I'd like to ask people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for a while now how they go about...fully accepting their diagnosis, I guess. I mean, I'm  fine with it. I'm not sad, and like I said, it's not surprising. It just doesn't feel real. Does anyone know why it feels so unreal? 

Sorry if I'm just clogging up the forum and being negative. Here's a joke to thank you for listening:
Why does Snape stand in the middle of the road?
So you can't tell what side he's on! *jazz hands*
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  • @dye_and_hot_weather hello and welcome to the forum. so glad you are here! it is good that you got a firm diagnosis and are being treated for such. i'd just go on living life as you have been! do your best each day and be proactive when it comes to taking care of yourself on all levels.

    i have struggled with depression in the past..but it was situational and i worked my ass off to get to the root of it and deal with it. not as easy for those who are chemically imbalanced. still, there are things you can do to help yourself and you and your therapist can work together should medicine be involved.

    :) again, happy you are here!
  • @dominica
    I'm happy I'm here, too. People on here seem pretty nice, you definitely included. It feels nice that someone is happy I'm here or even responded to this weird thread of me just talking to myself aloud. So, I'm happy you're here, too. :)
  • Welcome to the community! It's a free space here talking about things help even just to make sense of your situation it's all cool. We're all about supporting each other here, making each other laugh, sharing experiences or just let people know how your day went. It's nice to know someone's out there who's eager to read and reply to you, I know it's helped with my confidence in real life because I'm pretty good at small talk now. LOL. Keep on keeping on man. Cheers. :)
  • @spledid7seven
    I appreciate the welcome and hearing that this is less a space to discuss serious business all the time and more one to just talk about anything and relate to each other. So if we do talk about each other's days, how was yours? Anything interesting happened? 
  • Sometimes accepting who you really are and the fact that others see you as such is really hard. Also, when a qualified person tells this, it has a lot more impact that what people or even yourself think about it, just because that doctor spent years of their life studying such disorders and knows what they're talking about. This feeling should go away after a while, it is like getting familiar or used to something new. Thanks for the joke, as well.
  • I think I have depression but unfortunately there is no psychiatric industry here so the condition is pretty much nonexistent in the eyes of everyone around me. It's why I'm very glad to have an online resource where I can at least ask and learn more about it, even though I may never get a proper diagnosis of whatever is wrong with my mental condition. Anyway good luck and I'm happy you found this forum and I'm sure you will find a lot of information and support as I have.
  • @Tata Nonexistent in the eyes of everyone around you? That must be hard. It's good that you found a place online that can be informative and supportive. I hope you find some people in real life who can relate to you as well. 
  • @dye_and_hot_weather yes, unfortunately our country is still very dependent on religion so everyone around me expects me to get cured just by praying my troubles away, but for someone like me who prefers something a little more concrete I'm pretty much left without options. I've grown used to it though and I know there are much bigger problems in the world so I try to be more understanding of my situation. Also you're right, it's good that I have online resources at least.
  • @Tata Since it may be a little personal to ask which country you are from, may I ask which area of the world you are from? I think you have a strong brain and heart to first be able to see through the idea that you can just pray everything away and then also be able to be compassionate to the culture you are in anyways. I don't think many people could hold up the way you already have, and I'm very glad you have. However, if I may, I would like to say that though there may be bigger problems in the world, your problems are valid, not trivial. I think too many people forget that. I sure do. 
  • Hello there @Dye_and_Hot_Weather! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing. Well, I have never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a doctor before. However, since I go through mood swings once in a while, I somehow know for sure that I am bipolar. It's just a slight case though, and I am trying to live with it. Well, probably you just feel a little lost right now. Maybe you should try doing other things/hobbies that would somehow keep you from having negative thoughts?

    All the best!

  • Lol, thanks for the Harry Potter  joke :P  I'm sure those who are not familiar with the movies and books didn't get it, but I did :)  Please don't apologize, this forum is here for that and more.  If you like and want you can come here to vent and we will listen to you.  If you need advice we will offer it to you :)  We are here to listen and help as much as we can :) 

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