Any advice for someone with physical limitations?

A major part of my lifestyle as well as maintaining an active recovery environment in my life has been working out - lifting weights and long distance running. Within the last few years I've been dealing with a spinal injury, asthma, and a TBI. Despite following up regularly with a pulmonologist my asthma remains uncontrolled. I'm still actively working on that. All of these conditions have occurred within the last four years which has really dampened my spirits as far as keeping the fit and active lifestyle that I've been accustomed to. At 25, depression is beginning to set in with not having a way to stay in shape. Despite not being able to participate in activities that I used to, I've still managed to maintain good nutrition and have been able to upkeep my regular body weight and physique - however, regardless of the physical benefits I'm not getting that mental gratification of hitting the trails. I've only been physically limited for around a year and a half. I tried getting back into running about three to four months ago and ended up in the hospital and with the worsening of my spine and chronic pain that has definitely become difficult. I did three years of physical therapy and have been recommended by my doctor not to continue. I've been able to do some walking - I'll take my dog out (best therapy ever) and walk about as far as I can before I begin experiencing pain and having difficulties with my balance.

Has/is anyone in a similar situation or do you have any insight on things that I can try?

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  • @witheredbrain so sorry about your condition! i get it that this could bring you down at times, missing your regular workouts. i gave up running this summer, with two injuries that i suppose need time to heal. i also retired from basketball, just getting older and well, harder to keep up with folks your age! :)

    i had to think of other things to get my cardio going...and body moving. walking, of course, but just trying new things.

    have you thought about yoga? not sure if you can do that. paddle boarding? if you're near water....kayaking? not sure what your limitations are. just throwing things out there.

    with kayaking you can get a great workout and sit down (for balance sake) 
    hiking? short hike up a good mountain gets me a great workout...

    well, that's all i've got. maybe do a google search on outdoor activities...or exercise lists.

    let us know!
  • Can you swim? Swimming is a great therapeutic exercise as the water supports you, takes all your weight and lessens the impact on the joints. Could be worth a try. 
  • I like the swimming suggestion :)  I think that exercise is prefect for people like you, OP, because it places no stress in your joints! I think it's perfect, as for yoga... I don't think so,  your spine issues sound serious.  I also have spine issues and honestly I don't think doing yoga is good for people like us... because if you do something wrong believe me when I tell you that you are certainly going to feel it. 

    Just go for a walk :) I used to walk for 1 hour and half and ended up feeling super!
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