Addicted to....cracking knuckles?

I'm constantly cracking my fingers, toes, neck, and back. I've got it down to a point that all I need to do is clench my feet or flex, and things will go pop! Does anyone else do this? It's mindless and  I do it when I'm bored, but I'm secretly terrified that I'm damaging my joints and will eventually end up with horrible arthritis. 

Also, this is slightly funny to me, but my boyfriend says that I crack diligently even in my sleep. Lol!
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  • @hemmo hello! no, i've never really heard of this...i don't think it will hurt you in the long run, but then again, i'm not a doctor. lol

    it's a habit.  if you're not  happy with this, do some research on breaking habits...try different techniques and see what works for you!! i believe you can break this habit!
  • Cracking knuckles is basically the air popping out from between your articulations, so it's not as dangerous as people claim. I like doing it as well, more precisely when I want to release some tension. There's nothing wrong with doing it, and it sounds more like a habit than an actual addiction. You can break it easily if you want to. The only reason I see for doing so is because it gets annoying over time.
  • I am actually in the opposite camp, I don't like the sound of cracking knuckles so I avoid it at all costs! I think like Dominica said it's just a habit, like biting nails would be, rather than an addiction. Check out YouTube, I'm sure there's videos on ways to break habits on there that might be helpful if you want to stop!
  • I used to be in a phase like this although unfortunately I was not really aware how I got off it eventually. It was like I just naturally grew out of it as I focused more and more on other things. I still do it from time to time nowadays but hardly ever anymore. The only downside is that I do get a bit of pressure in the places I used to crack because I don't relieve it anymore and nor do I notice it enough to want to crack it so I don't, but when I remember to, I do, like now since I got reminded of it.
  • I read the title of this post and instantly started cracking everything in my body. I have an issue like this as well, but maybe not as severe. I spend a lot of time cracking my back throughout the day and sometimes it results in pain. I also have a habit of cracking my knuckles and toes. I'm not sure if I'd call it an addiction, but if it's affecting your life you may want to talk to someone about it. I'd suggest talking to a doctor just to see if this is an unhealthy habit.
  • This thread "cracks" me up...get it? haha! I think it is just a habit. Anxiety maybe? Stress?
  • It's just those bubbles brushing up over your joints causing the sound, don't worry, It isn't dangerous or anything.
  • My older sister is like that. She cracks her knuckles often and it relieves her from stress. But I fear the fact that you @hemmo even crack in your sleep; sounds weird. But after you go for a check up and all is fine, then I guess all is really fine.
  • That is usually more of a habit. Could actually be a good habit too as people crack their knuckles to relieve stress, feel more confident, mind off of things for a moment, etc.
  • I also have this habit! It's a love-hate relationship because I kind of feel guilty and worried about damaging them but it's incredible how relaxed I am after cracking my neck and back. And as another user mentioned, I have heard something that it's really just air, is not necessarily dangerous, I guess.
  • I cannot stand the sound of cracking knuckles or cracking anything, for that matter! I don't think it's an addiction though - the word you're looking for is habit. You got used to it and now you do it all the time. I don't think it can have such bad effects on your joints but if you're that worried you should visit a doctor and have them revise you. You can never be too sure!
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