The Importance of Faith During Recovery

There is no easy way to say that faith can be a cornerstone to addiction recovery to someone that has never experienced the pull of addiction. It can easily be dismissed, but it shouldn't be. If the person going through recovery doesn't have faith in something, he or she is much more likely to give up, and eventually relapse.

During recovery, the addict needs to have faith that all of their hard work is going to lead to something positive. There is no point to dealing with the pain, discomfort, anguish, guilt, shame, and all of the other emotions and feelings that recovery can bring, if there is no end that makes it worth it. To most recovering addicts, the thought of sobriety simply isn't enough.

There needs to be the ability to see something positive coming for them. They need to have faith that all of this work will offer them a benefit in return. In order to get this feeling started, the addict needs to focus on what sobriety will be able to offer them. The early stages of recovery are difficult for every addict, but being able to put his or her finger on the beginning of something positive and tangible can be all they need to get the process going.

Think about the parts of your life coming together. A good job. The respect of those you love, and who still love you. Being able to set things straight that got screwed up. Stopping the chaos and pain that comes with using. There are a lot of small things that can spark the faith you need to get sober.


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  • If you are recovering from any kind of addiction if you will hold on to your faith talking to God through prayers that you believe that you can move on to a new life then that will really happen. And this will give you that peace of mind if you will trust yourself and God above all things.
  • Having faith is important and being focused on the eventual outcome is an important factor in having faith. Faith is not just working towards that eventual outcome but is absolutely knowing and expecting with confidence and without self-doubt that with strength and determination you can and will achieve it.
  • I have often wondered whether addicts still do pray or still follow their respective religious practices. when I had an alcohol problem way back, I didn't remember praying as often as i did. It has something to do with an internal guilt. I didn't want to stop drinking because back then I didn't know that I was already borderline alcoholic. I didn't want to face God because I didn't want to promise to stop. Remembering that now I am washed over with guilt and shame.
  • I had no belief in a God or a higher power when I was an addict. I was pretty much an atheist so for me, at that time, the only higher power there was, was me - or more specifically, my mind. The power of my subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the most powerful thing we know of in the entire universe. It doesn't matter whether you believe that your subconscious is God or whether you believe the universe itself is God or whether you believe God and the universe are separate - it really doesn't matter. All that matter is that you have faith and that's enough to get you to where you need to be.
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