How Women Can Help Each Other During Rehab

Rehab for women is not some novel idea that just came out. Women bonding together to fight a common enemy has been around for quite some time. When it comes to addiction, the support women are able to offer each other is amazing, and the bonding that often occurs can lead to long-term friendships that are beneficial to both women.

Women are often seen as the more nurturing gender. While this is not always the case, women tend to be more nurturing to other women than to men. This allows women to nurture the vulnerabilities of other women while going through a rehab for women. They are able to see that gap, and fill it in for another person instead of exposing it for more discomfort, which often happens when an addict is regularly using.

Women are also more able to relate the issues that one female addict may be facing. It's hard for men to relate to women who have struggled with pregnancy, or losing a child in utero, since they don't have those parts. It's not to say that men can't relate, but they simply are unable to relate in the same fashion. Also, if women suffered abuse by a man's hand, having only women around may give them the opportunity to open up in a way that a coed rehab would not be able to offer. This gives women who attend women-only rehabs the companionship they want and need when they are struggling with their addiction and its repercussions.


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  • I couldn't agree more. There are certain issues that only other women can really understand. I do hope I don't sound sexist by saying this, it's not my intention at all. Additionally, some women might feel uncomfortable discussing certain issues in front of men or even just being in the company of them.

    Of course, it works the other way too and I feel men-only support groups are just as valid. I'm sure that there are plenty of things which men might feel uncomfortable about discussing in front of the ladies. 

    I might not feel at ease discussing, say, menstrual issues in front of a group of men but they are just as likely to feel embarassed talking about erectile dysfunction, for example, in front of women. Anything which makes feeling free to open up and talk about our problems should be encouraged and gender specific groups can be a very important part of this. 
  • i think rehabs for women are a great asset. glad that there are women only rehabs for people to choose from.
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