I don't know if anyone has made a thread about Pixar's latest yet, but I am in case no one has. Who has seen it? If you haven't, you should. I walked out of that movie holding leftover popcorn and telling my older brother, "It took me two and a half months of in-patient CBT to teach me what Disney Pixar just said in two hours." It's so great that there's a movie like this that is geared towards families. Parents should get to hear this, teens should get to hear this, and most importantly those little kids should get to hear this. Kids should at a young age be taught that you need all of your emotions, including sadness. It's ok to be sad. It's ok to have feelings that you let yourself feel. Wow, what an amazing and creative movie. Bravo, Pixar. You made another instant classic not only filled with real emotion but with a moral everyone should learn. You've set the bar even higher than it was before. You don't have to make another Cars movie now, ok?
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  • Hahaha. Your Cars comment made me literally laugh out loud. I agree, it is definitely one of the best Pixar movies ever made. I think the world would be a happier and more expressive place if everyone would watch the movie and appreciate the great things about it. There are too many people holding back on how they feel or going overboard without realizing the effects. The movie won't fix that but it would give us a reality check.
  • Oh man, I have so many great things to say about this movie. I watched it with my ex-fiance's high-school age sister, who struggles with depression, PTSD, and an eating disorder. We laughed and cried together and came out of it feeling like we weren't alone, and that there really can be open discussion about mental struggles.

    Particularly, I was moved by the lack of judgment in the film. A lot of Disney movies have huge, happy endings for every character, where everyone gets a nice home, a handsome or beautiful spouse, and children, etc. etc. It made me cry for joy that this movie's happy ending was as simple as a young girl, in distress, finally being brave enough to reach out to her parents about her depression, and that her parents accepted it, and loved her anyway. That was it. That was the happy ending. No big over-the-top miracle stuff. Just a beautiful, realistic, and inspiring message: children matter, mental health matters, and family is worth fighting for EVEN THOUGH IT'S hard.

    So many Disney movies I've seen convolute family into this wonderful mythical thing that's always there for you, and this movie sent a clear message that no, they're not always there, and sometimes they don't know how to help when you're hurting. But that's okay. It doesn't mean there's no hope, and it doesn't mean you can't make it through.

    I loved this movie so so much, and I will never get over the hope it gave me to see so many topics that get pushed under the rug presented in an encouraging, raw way.
  • It's true that so many people connect with their feelings in a wrong way. They somehow give their thoughts and emotions an upper hand, believing that once they are created then they are a direct reflection of who the person really is. I don't believe that. My feelings are a direct result of my past experiences and my expectations. They also come from the beliefs I grew up with that shaped me as the person I am today. But I'm higher than what I think and feel. I can change how I'm thinking and feeling and embrace sadness or joy any moment. I can change my environment and my core beliefs in the blink of an eye and then put what I want into practice. So yes the movie was great, and day to day we need these little reminders that we should really get to 'know ourselves'.
  • @dye_and_hot_weather thanks for sharing...is the movie called inside out?? i have not heard of this but i am interested.
  • Totally agree, Arthnel, it was a great movie for showing the way emotions aren't static, and can evolve, and be very hard to understand. I really appreciated how they showed that even sadness, so often seen by nature as a bad thing to feel, is a necessary part of being human, and is an okay thing to experience. That made me feel incredibly accepted, seeing that on the big screen with millions of people receiving the message.
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