Hi, everyone! Just introducing myself

Today is my 12th day of being alcohol free. I love to drink and I miss it. I fantasize every hour I'm awake about the next time I can drink. Alcohol is my best friend and my worst enemy.

This is my second time getting sober. I put myself into detox and outpatient rehab in 2011. I stayed sober for just over 100 days, and then decided I would slowly (ha!) begin to drink again. I'm pretty sure we all know how long that lasts for!

This time, I did not go to detox and I am not planning on doing any kind of program. Frankly, I didn't get much out of it the first time, and I know that at this moment I'm not ready to listen to someone "tell me what to do" in regards to my substance use. I saw a new psychiatrist last week and she wants me to have an evaluation at a local rehab/recovery center, and I'm going to do that and go from there.

Why did I stop, you wonder? In a nutshell, I called a local hospital at 2 am, drunk out of my mind, and I have no clue what I said to them, but whatever it was prompted them to call 911. Paramedics showed up at my house and physically forced me to go to the ER. After arriving, I refused treatment. I was told if I left that police were waiting outside and I'd be arrested for drunk in public. I went outside anyway, got arrested, and spent the next few hours in jail. I haven't had a drink since.... 12 days ago. It'll be 13 days at about 2 am!

There is more to the story, aspects that are incredibly painful and hard to admit to to anyone else, but that's the gist of it.

I look forward to chatting with you all, my fellow people who get exactly what this crazy journey is really like. :)

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  • Hello there, @keeplaughing! Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story to us here. I would just want to congratulate you for being sober for around 12 days now. Wow, that's already a big achievement. I hope this would continue in the long run. Just stay focused and be patient. All the best! :)
  • Welcome to the forums! It's wonderful to see you here. If you're already twelve days in, that's a fantastic start! Imagine how fast time is going to go when you reach your twenty fourth day! You will be surprised at how fast time will fly and before you know it, saying no to alcohol will be a piece of cake. You'll find a lot of people to relate to on this forum. :)
  • @keeplaughing hello and welcome!  so glad you are on the road of sobriety now....yes, you miss it, but over time you'll miss it less and less. after all, it's essentially poison and honestly it just usually gets us in trouble or feeling yuck...i'm glad you recognize that you're not the typical social drinker...those types of thoughts can bite you in the booty later.

    we are here to support and encourage you however we can. 

    make yourself at home!
  • @keeplaughing... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing with us. I'm so glad you're here.

    Congrats on your 12 days! Just keep doing the next right thing and those days will keep adding up. And don't let alcohol fool you. It is NOT your best friend.

    We are here to help and support you any way we can, so don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime you need or want to. We are caring, supportive, non-judgmental people, and we truly care about you.

    Peace and hugs.
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