Single favorite meme?

Is there a specific internet meme that can get you to laugh without fail? Or at least one lately that you've really enjoyed? For me, don't make fun, but it's that stupid doge meme. The one with the Shiba Inu. No matter how many variations there are, it just gets funnier to me the older it gets. I'm weird that way, I guess.

Anyone else? Do share!
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  • I am not sure I even know what a meme is.
  • I liked the doge meme as well even without the picture just the "doge" phrases make me snigger. I also enjoyed the moon moon ones which coincidentally include a dog as well. Lots of clever and bored people out there.
  • Dominica, a meme's just like... a joke that starts on the internet and then goes viral, like people keep doing / telling it over and over and it gets really popular and then usually there's like... new versions of it that come out too, so it doesn't get old.

    Moon moon! Yes, there really are, Fireproof. I think I usually fall for the ones with A) animals and / or B) horrible grammar. I've always enjoyed messing up language for the sake of humor. :P
  • I like the memes which challenge stereotypical attitudes, like Successful Black Man, Harmless Scout Leader and Ordinary Muslim Man. I'm not really tickled by memes involving animals or kids. 
  • There are so many memes which would make me laugh consistently. My favorite is probably "Ayy, lmao". It was widely popular for a while but not that much now. Still, it puts a smile on my face everytime I come across it.
  • @psyduck I love that one too! It's fun to think about and even funnier to pronounce. I have this friend who is into memes and when somebody mentions aliens we instantly go "ayy lmao". This one below is definitely my favorite!

    Also, I really like Wojak (or the feels guy). And I can pretty much relate to him, ha ha.

  • missbishi  I particularly enjoy those because you are not exactly sure what you are going to expect and because it points out stereotypes which various cultures face. The point of them is to make you laugh after realizing what you originally believed to be the answer, was false and misguided. 
  • Hehe, love it.

    Missbishi, I do like those ones too, for sure. I see less of them around, but I've always liked the ones that mental ones that are like "Socially Awkward Penguin" (I think that was what it was called) and courage wolf, as well as the more political ones.

     Courage Wolf has always been a big one for me, helped me with depression stuff. One of my favorites is this one, because I am a gamer, and this helps me feel better about days going really badly:

  • @Tuebec I used to love Socially awkward penguin too, but then it started hurting, lol. Some of those are way too relatable!
  • My favorite meme is the Husky waiting for you to get the joke meme. Every time it pops up in my feed, it makes my day. I don't know the official name of the meme, but I will post one below. :)

  • Ah yes I remember viewing a lot of socially awkward penguin as well. The funniest memes for me are the ones that have partial truth to it, but it simplifies it and takes it lighthearted. Makes me feel better when I take a humorist view on things. 
  • alexiskilgannon Oh I love that one! I'm a sucker for puns, but I'd say my favorite (although a very rare one) is PhilosoRaptor. Always makes you laugh as well as makes you think.
  • My favorite meme has to be the aliens guy. I even watched Ancient Aliens on History Channel one time and I saw him in the flesh! I also like the doge meme, those Inu's have a really funny face.
  • I don't have a favorite one, to be honest. I like to diversify my options to the utmost extent, but if I had to specifically say one which aroused my interest until now, I think it would be the "Doge meme", haha. It's so silly to think of it most of the times, and how such puerile jokes can, in fact, make you laugh! It proves that the simplest things make our lives better. Why complicate it? :)
  • Mine is not a meme but a commercial.  I just love the look on the kids face.

  • My favorite is doge. Honestly I don't even like dogs that much but that face that this particular dog makes is just precious and it's actually one of the few things that have made me like dogs a little bit more, but mostly only shibas which is doge's breed if I'm not mistaken.
  • Anything with that Chiba dog or Nicholas Cage. Doge is immortal and forever will be! Whatever words you combine with that dog will result to instant funnies. Never gets old and never gets stale. Such great, Very pet. Much laugh. Wow.
  • I actually enjoy those "I Don't Always" memes. They are pretty hilarious.


  • Image result for success kid

    Success kid is my favorite. Look at those chubby cheeks!

  • I always love the memes posted on . I don't really have a favorite, but that subreddit is heaps of fun for meme fans. Spend some time there, you won't regret it! :)
  • The "So funny, I forgot to laugh" meme. The poker face background picture is the one that really make me laugh. Anyone saw that one too?
  • I am a huge fan of the crying Jordan meme going around right now. IT is adaptable to anything and never gets old. 
  • I'm a big fan of the "Archaic Rap" meme.


    Hahaha, hilarious.
  • @bleblanc10 I've never seen it before, googled around and it's pretty funny! Even Michael Jordan doesn't mind it. What made it even better are the tweets by Jordan's sons, they enjoy it too :D It would suck if they felt attacked or something. 
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