Anyone have that one really special band / singer that you feel shapes your life?

Maybe this is more of a thing that I fixate on because of some of my mental illness stuff, but maybe not, I don't know. I'm curious if anyone else has a band or musician whose music they just play on repeat constantly, and feels the lyrics deeply, connecting with them on an almost spiritual level. For me that'd be Civil Wars, P!nk, and Nine Inch Nails. Anyone else?
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  • For me, it's Rush. For some reason, their lyricist and drummer, Neil Peart, really resonates with me and the band's albums have got me through some rotten times. 
  • hmmm. not really, as i listen to many bands and singers. but i do go in spurts of listening to one band for a while..then switch it up. i've only ever heard one civil wars song and loved it. maybe i'll check out some more! :)

    thanks for sharing!
  • Yay, hope you enjoy, Dominica! :)
    Missbishi, I do like Rush. I remember hearing a song or two from them, but have never listened to very much. Sounds like I too may have some new listening material to check out!
  • Two bands I really love are Opeth and Sólstafir. I've been through sad, joyful, fearful, and empowering moments while listening to their music, and also on one of Sólstafir's songs I started talking to my current lover. I have many memories tied to their music, which makes it even more mesmerizing and emotional. I love it.
  • I'm not really the type to stick to one band. Rather than the band or the singer, it's the song that moves me more. I like Goo Goo Dolls for their songs Iris and Here is Gone. And then there's Oasis' Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. Indie bands like Of Monsters and Men, Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids, Walk the Moon and Sheppard are currently high on my list.
  • I'm into indie-folk bands lately and enjoy listening to: Local Natives, First Aid Kit, The Staves, Bon Iver. Everyone should listen to them! They have songs that are very calming and soothing.
  • When I was a teenager, I used to love the band "My Chemical Romance" a lot. I consider them as my music heroes. Teenage life would have been pretty depressing and difficult for me if it weren't for them. 
  • My absolute favorite is The Lumineers. I've seen them live and they are so captivating and they are just as perfect as they are on CD!
  • I'm at this blog because of my Dad. He's been dealing with it for a long time. One of the artists that helps shape his life is Stevie Ray Vaughn. I know he is a guitarist, but I count his playing music of its own.
  • I've had Maroon 5's first album Songs About Jane in cd form, in various playlists and now in my Spotify. It's an album that's been with my high school years and I don't think it's gonna leave me when I get much older. I know Sunday Morning by heart and I still feel a pang of sorrow when I remember the She Will Be Loved music video. The album is heartwrenching and real, it's helped me through some terrible break-ups and now in my recovery.
  • I'd have to say Eminem. I remember hearing him on the radio when I was younger and I kind of liked his groove, but I didn't know what happened to him beforehand. Once I learned his story and what he went through I started to gain a lot of respect for him, his songs are really inspiring to me.
  • I can completely understand the feeling of having a band or singer help you throughout your life. For me, that band is Coheed and Cambria. They are not only my favorite band, but they helped me out of some dark places growing up. They helped get me through high school with their inspirational music and stories. 
  • I used to look up to some artists back in the day but nowadays not so much anymore. In general I look up to anyone who is a master of their craft but beyond that I think they are just ordinary people too on some level, so I try not to put them up on a pedestal too much.
  • There is a singer/songwriter who shaped my life but i am not sure anyone here will recognize him. I could compare him with Leonard Cohen but he is younger than Leonard some 20 years and has even more songs. His name is Djordje Balašević and i will try to explain some lyrics but it will be hard.  His songs are complex and in layers so you have to think a lot to understand but not all of them. Some are just innocent love songs. He has social and songs against the regime, anti war songs as well. They are usually long and with a storry. One of his songs was even made into a movie. I will put a link to one that has good guitar solo and it is called When i leave. if it is not too much i would like to translate it.

    When i leave, when a devil says his farewell on the main road
    and when moonlight overblows my footsteps, do not mourn
    because once, everyone will have a little mute nightingale waiting on the threshold.

    When i leave, when the wind starts mumbling winter's Pater Noster.( lord's prayer)
    and starts blowing the dead leaves into a trotting pace, it will banish the musicians as well,
    just to punish them for they sang the wrong song in a wrong time.

    Hey, please be strong. it is too easy to cry
    that is just Lord singing the Autumn Sonata
    I dreamed the doors made of solid gold
    i am afraid to go but i know i will
    i know that you are better person
    please do not ruin everything
    Just lit one candle on St John's day
    Do not keep ashes for too long on these days
    when i leave, and know, i will.

    When i leave, when you put first chrysanthemum in your window
    and when wild chestnuts start cracking,
    do not lit in vain that lantern on the porch
    when fogs come to take that same autumn.

    This is just a translation, i would not be able to make rhymes and keep the meaning. Hope it is not too much.

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