Be cautious of negative self-talk.

sometimes our worst enemy is self. We often think too shallowly of ourselves that we forget who we are. We convince ourselves that we are not pretty enough, smart enough, good enough, not tall enough,not thin enough,not sizable enough,not young enough, not old enough, not wealthy enough, not popular enough.

Don't give audience to the inner feeling that you're good for nothing. Stop the thoughtful voice that bring the bad vibe that you will never be amount to anything. Every person is unique in his or her own way. God does not create left overs. You are a master piece in your own creation.You are created for a purpose that only you can fulfil.

God created you and only you and there will be no one like you If you need proof check your fingerprints. Degrading yourself is degrading God. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. Always remember that.
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  • I think that a lot of people will struggle with self worth, and especially if your going through a recovery, you can't help but have a negative opinion about yourself.

    Its important to try and look at the positives in your life, and while at the moment that may be hard, if you set a goal as to where you want to be in life, then that focuses the mind and when you achieve that goal, it makes you realise that you can do things and you are special after all.
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