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I have a family member that is 8 months into a 24 month residential rehab program at a local facility. My communication with him has been very limited due to their strict policy of "enforced detachment". During a recent conversation with him, I learned about some of the ways that the program works and I am growing very concerned. The clients in the program all work for companies that are partners with the facility. My client earns about $350 per week out of which the program takes $225 for program fees and an additional 10% as a "tithe" to the program. I suppose I am okay with that because I know he needs to learn to budget his money and be financially responsible. However, I have recently learned that most of the food he gets is donated to the program and it isn't very nutritious. For the last month he has skipped lunch at work because he is sick of peanut butter sandwiches and hot dogs. There are rarely any fresh fruits and the only vegetables present are potatoes and onions and occasionally lettuce . The only meat they have available is chicken and some sort of mystery meat patties that they get sometimes. On top of all this, he isn't even allowed to take a multi-vitamin to make sure he gets at least some vitamins and minerals. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they can't provide housing nutritious food for $900 per month per client (they normally have about 40 clients in the program). I do know that the director of the program draws a huge salary so I assume that's where most of the money goes.

Should I be concerned here or is this common in rehab programs? I have discovered that the facility is un-licensed so I'm not sure whom (if anyone) I can report them to. Can they even operate un-licensed? It is currently operating as a non-profit program. Is that legal?

I am really thinking about pulling him out of the program because everything sounds a bit off to me. I could really use some guidance here.

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  • @creatvepro hello and welcome. i am not sure about how most rehabs operate, so not sure i can offer any valuable advice. i suppose you could call the director of the rehab and ask questions for yourself....surely they will be able to discuss the foods offered there.

    are there any online reviews of the rehab?  you may be able to check that too.

    hopefully others will chime in here...

    you are a great soul, looking after your loved one like you do!
  • The director and his wife are not willing to discuss their program. They tell families not to believe anything the addict says and to assume that they are always lying. I've heard about the food situation from other clients too so I am inclined to believe it. The director and his wife are super religious and think their program is ordained by their God and they see no wrong in anything they do. Their favorite quote is "we know what we are doing and you don't".
  • @creatvepro  that wouldn't fly with me..... i am under the assumption that professional rehabs with professional people would be willing to discuss their program...yes, addicts do lie sometimes in recovery...that is true...but the willingness to have a discussion ought to be there.

    anyone else have thoughts on this?
  • @creatvepro... What you describe is not common in rehab. There are a number of red flags that would cause me to be concerned: the "enforced detachment," the mandatory tithing, the food situation, the fact that they are not licensed, etc. If all of those things are indeed true...Well, I can't tell you what to do, but I believe that sometimes you have to go with your gut. If you think something isn't right, it usually isn't. 
  • This sounds rather weird. If the program costs that much, the participants should at least be entitled to good food. After all, nutrition is a vital part of the recovery process. The owners should always be open to discussing their program so families can ensure their loved ones are being taken care of properly.
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