Breaking things

I have patients that break things and whenever I see them something on their person is torn or broken or damaged in some way. This is not unusual but it stems from deeper issues that have made them turn to breaking or destroying things to release some of the pain or anxiety felt from a traumatic situation. In a way it is good to find a release but at the same time it could be someone that they decide to hurt in the future. You do need help for this because it can lead to bigger things getting broken.
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  • I can see how this can be an issue. It's better to release that pent up energy, but one day they may break something and instantly regret breaking it. Have you found a solution to breaking something? There might be a better way for them to deal with the pent up aggression. 
  • yes, breaking things is not a healthy coping skill....i do hope that people who are struggling with anger can get some help and learn some anger management and coping skills.
  • I would love to let go and break things. The thing is that I feel sorry for them (I know that it's ridiculous to feel empathy toward an inanimate object, just like the ikea commercial with the lamp said), and I know that I would regret it in the end, so I stop myself.
  • From my own layman's point of view, they could be breaking things to vent their anger or frustrations at someone or something. This could be as a result of deep psychological issues which need to be addressed by a qualified health personnel.Such pent up anger could result into something much worse in the future.
  • I was really angry once, and, in order to avoid harming others or myself, I broke some plates which were next to me. The feeling is really satisfying, and I felt blissful for a moment after doing it. The patients may be doing this to avoid going even more insane and hurt people. Some have their own, unusual ways of releasing pain and anger.
  • I guess that breaking things is a way for them to release stress and frustration, or can be an attempt to stand out somehow, and I agree with you, it can be dangerous, they can hurt someone. Ordering them to punch pillows can be helpful, they are still releasing stress without really hurting anyone or damaging anything.
  • @Elfprincess
    I don't think it's ridiculous to feel empathy towards an inanimate object at all. It sounds like you are an empath. If so, you can probably feel other people's feelings too when they are near you. Being an empath is kind of like having emotional telepathy. As long as it doesn't interfere with your life then that's a good thing.
  • @androl I might be one, after all I'm an Pisces and INFJ, and those are related.
    I was worried whether I'm truly an empath, because I'm not always capable of figuring out what people mean... However I do feel when someone is angry and sad, and their feelings are literally hurting me. I'm also in physical pain when I see a photo of particularly intensive injury.
    Thank you for validating my feelings and experiences <3
  • I think I have a subtler version of this in that I mean I can control it for the most part. For me, though, I don't necessarily feel as though I want to vent whenever I feel like I want to break something, but it's more like just a knew jerk reaction to having too much on my mind at specific moments. I try to cope by bettering myself but on the way there I think it would definitely be helpful if I could just vocalize my thoughts to someone regularly.
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