Hi I am new, but what brings me here is hope. To help me to try and win this horrible addiction. So I maybe help someone and they can help me. So good luck to everyone on their new journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.
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  • @kallumcon8 hello and welcome! so glad you are here!  this community is wonderful and i do believe you will get some support and be able to support others on their journey.

    feel free to share whatever you'd like and read around, as there are some great posts here!

    so glad you are reaching out here! feels good to not be alone trying to kick our addictions!
  • Hello there, @kallumcon8! Welcome to the forum, and we're really happy you have joined us here. I am pretty sure this online community would be a great support system to you. Stay being hopeful, and keep yourself motivated. All the best! :)
  • What has helped me the most in being here is being able to share my stories and experiences without fear of judgement, so hopefully you will find a helpful method for you and just find support here overall, no matter what you are struggling with. Even if you just tell your stories, I find, it is usually enough of a start since you get to see your own thoughts written down and you'll be able to deal with them a lot better especially since you could compare them with other similar people with similar thoughts or experiences.
  • Hey @kallumcon8, welcome to the forum, glad to have you. Hope is a beatiful and strong virtue that can take you places, but remember to also cultivate discipline and patience, and the path will open up to you. It's a constant fight and it begins from the moment you start trying to improve.
    Good luck! 
  • @kallumcon8 welcome~ may you continue to nurture the HOPE in you. without it, no amount of support can help one deal with struggles and difficulties.
    as the others have said, the journey ahead may have some bumps, but keep on persisting and recovery will be just within reach. if i may say so HOPE is a good fuel to start your journey~ rock on, friend!
  • Very nice. Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. Good luck to you. I am with you.
  • @kallumcon8... Welcome to the community. We're so glad you're here. We are a group of caring, non-judgmental people, and we have a boatload of hope. So this is a good place for you. We will help and support you any way we can, my friend. I look forward to seeing you around the forums.
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