First time taking detox, need advice

Hey guys,

I'm an alcoholic, going on 10 years. Finally taking my first steps towards recovery. I've been wanting this for a long time, but I didn't know where to turn. I finally told my family about my addiction (I've been a high functioning closet alcoholic since I was a teen), and found the support I knew I would get from them. It's been a rough week since I broke down and told my parents about just how bad it has been. I'm going into detox on Wednesday. I'm not entirely sure what is happening from there, and I'm terrified. Alcohol has basically been my secret life for as long as I can remember. I feel like I don't even know how adults normally function in day to day routines. I've honestly never really done it... not sober. This whole thing is new to me. Can I get some insights, and possibly some ideas of how to handle detox, and maybe what comes afterwards? I'm considering taking an inpatient program when one is available in January. Thanks guys.
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  • Hi @noonespecial2788, thanks so much for reaching out and having the courage to share your story here. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to look in the mirror and admit to yourself and your loved ones that you need help getting past the things that no longer serve you. The fact that you found the strength to make the decision is the most important thing, even if it's a struggle for you. The mere drive that you've discovered is the power that will carry you through the next week, the next month, the next year, and the rest of your life. Continue to draw from this strength every day, even when the cravings and uncertainty begin to overrule your thoughts. I'm so happy that you're going into a's so important to be under supervision when we come off of alcohol as it can be lethal. 

    I know it seems like a long, scary, daunting path ahead but embrace this as a new chapter of your life. It's time for you to take your power back from the alcohol. You don't need it and it's time to begin rebuilding your life and creating/following your dreams. You clearly believe that you deserve more. Learn as much as you can about your mindset, why you've fallen into that pattern, and learn about your health and physiology. Don't live in the past. Don't live in regret for the things you've done in the past and don't become a victim of your addiction. Focus on your future and embrace the opportunity to learn those life skills that you've missed along the way. It is never too late, and you're ahead of the game simply because you've set the intention to learn these skills. Once you detox and normalize you'll find more clarity and strength to begin walking the path of recovery. It's truly worth every step. You deserve it!

    Remember, we're not perfect and you'll have good days and bad. Don't expect everything to instantly get better once you quit. You'll go through struggles, but you'll be conscious enough to learn from them. Find support systems and stop hanging out with the people who enable your bad habits. Surround yourself with people who support your recovery, which won't be everyone. Use communities like this one or local communities to find strength from others. SMART Recovery really helped me in my early recovery with some of those life skills and reprogramming that is necessary to get past our vice. Most importantly, never give up on the journey. It is so worth it my friend.

    We are with you!
  • Hi..

    I can relate to what you are going threw.  I have as well taken the 1st step to stop using drugs.  It is very frightening to say the least.  My fear comes from wanting to using in the morning, during the or at night, at times i just don't know.  I suppose talking helps course this is one thing i have not tried before.

    I am in the mist of ruining my relationship with my partner due to my addiction and it is tearing me apart.  I have been hiding my addictions very well from my partners in business and family.  Some do suspect but i guess i just don't know..   

    Please do feel free to communicate with me course i also need your help.. 
  • Just in case you're interested, you can try safer and more natural detox methods. Some people would consider liver flush by consuming lemon and other such fruits. Of course, that's a different detox you're going into. Still, it would help to consider alternatives.
  • I was also a fubctiong alcoholic for many years until I decided that enough was enough and I had to make changes in my life otherwise I'd end up in an early grave.

    I also considered inpatient detox but managed to recover without going down that road. While it does help many people, it's not always the right answer and I'd look at alternative methods and see that as a last resort.
  • @noonespecial2788 hello and welcome! i''m assuming you begin detox today? i am thinking of you and sending you positive glad you are taking action toward recovery. life can be amazing will be able to experience freedom....which feels amazing. Also peace and joy...the journey may be tough at times, but it's worth it and you can do it!!

    so glad you are here! let us know how you are doing!
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