Have you quit an addiction to sleeping pills?

Have you had an addiction to sleeping pills? Have you been able to cut down or quit? How did you do it?

Or do you only use them sparingly?
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  • I've been an insomniac all my life but I've never been a fan of sleeping pills, mainly because they don't seem to work for me. Even the Z drugs have no effect. However, I have ben prescibed benzos for sleep on a few occasions and I had to treat them with caution. They did actually work and gave me the best nights sleep I had ever experienced. This alone made me think that I could easily get used to them. I still have a small supply of temazepam but I only ever take one if I've gone five nights without more than a few hours sleep. 
  • A family member used to suffer from insomnia and even sleeping pills did not work for her. She used to go for long runs, then take a warm or cold bath; depending on the weather and tuck herself in thinking about her life and she would gradually fall asleep.

    I think you should try what makes you feel comfortable. I'm sure you can find it by not relying on pills.
  • I did it cold turkey when I was younger, when I started to realize it was the pills that aided me gain so much weight, I decided that was enough and I couldn't afford gaining more weight!   I was lucky I didn't experience any rough withdrawal effects. 
  • Well! I have tried it when I was really worried about my sleeping habits I used to whisper in my mind all the night and my sleep used to come very late and hardly deep sleep.I was facing this problem since I was 15+ and then I used to know about that this was very common among teens as they face most hormonal imbalance at this time.Then when I was 25+ then I noticed that due to overnight work and late night projects I was not able to sleep properly and then I used to take the pills but then after three yrs of use I realized that if I continue to take this then it would be very impossible to go to sleep naturally.And from then, I am totally out of this since 3+ yrs.And feeling good and able to sleep naturally.Avoided overnight work and projects.  
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