Schizoaffective Disorder

Whilst I have studied psychology, psychiatry and the human mind for over twenty years, I am not a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. I have, however, experimented deeply with the true nature of consciousness and have had baffling results which can only be considered paranormal. My studies into the human mind initially led me into becoming an atheist and a skeptic but through further research and experimentation I have proven that supernatural phenomena are indeed possible using nothing more than the power of thought. What I have experienced as a result are all the classic hallmarks and symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder. However, in my case, I have actually captured physical undeniable evidence of these phenomena in order to prove to myself that they are not delusion or hallucination and I am still in possession of that evidence. I am seriously beginning to believe that people who are diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder are in fact experiencing very real supernatural phenomena which can be observed by others whilst in their presence. Ten years ago I was convinced that these types of things were just a product of the mind. Now I know that the entire universe which we live in is a product of the mind and that therefore these things are also real and they can be manifested in order to prove it.
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  • I do believe in paranormal phenomena because I have experienced it myself.   I haven't been diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, and I am pretty confident I don't have it because a psychiatrist has been seeing me for very long and he has never suggested I might suffer from that.  I'd be interested to hear about your experiences with this kind of phenomena. 
  • I have many experiences far and wide which appear to completely defy conventional science. This first started when I was a child and would wonder deeply about things and test the limitations of my mind. As I grew older, I was always told not to read too much into things and eventually I grew to become a skeptical atheist until things started to happen in my life which, over time, I started to realize were a result of some of the things I had done with the power of the mind when I was younger. Over the last ten years, I have refined this knowledge and these abilities to the point where I can literally affect the physical world (reality) with the power of thought or, as Will Smith would say, I have learned how to "bend the universe" to my will!

    This is much easier to do it metaphysical ways which can be scientifically proven and what I mean by that is, I can access the future before it happens by downloading a band's album twenty years before they've even recorded it or can manifest Google search results from 2018 (Chronesthesia). I've also mastered amazing other abilities which people would never believe are even possible and that includes telepathic communication/channeling, manifesting UFOs and orbs of light, achieving telekinesis and using the Law of Attraction combined with other techniques to be able to predict the future by creating it! Sounds absolutely insane but I've got to the point whereby I have no problem being able to prove these things.
  • I don't necessarily believe in paranormal activity of the occult or extraterrestrial nature, but I do notice a bit of a "glitch in the matrix" here and there, and it's been getting to me lately. I've always seen our reality as a sort of unpredictable phenomenon where anything, everything and nothing can manifest all at the same time. Pretty interesting stuff.
  • @androl thanks for sharing. these are the kinds of things that totally excite me. makes me want to look into schizoaffective disorder thought...i do not believe it sounds like you are that... :) sounds like you've got a grip on reality...and different dimensions..and consciousness..and metaphysics..and so much more. i'm totally loving that!

    i'm on the same journey. awakening, evolving...whatever you want to call it. a beginner on the journey....very interesting. i'd love to be able to experience what you do...and hey, i'm working on it. 

    some would say that many mental health diagnoses are really not disorders...but there is some sort of spiritual thing going on...shamans have a unique view on mental health..

    i try to remember that we are living in a matrix....sounds like you have some success in manifesting...kudos. if you've got any wonderful advice, i'm open! :)
  • I'm loving it too but it can also be scary. Precognition/premonitions are something which is becoming more pronounced. For example, on my birthday I had a sudden intense sensation that either my mother or father was ill. Because I was outside with my father I thought it was him and said "something's not right" and asked him if he was okay. He said he was fine but then when we went inside my mother was in the bathroom being extremely ill. I was basically outside the building on the other side of the wall when I sensed it. Most premonitions tend to manifest within a day or two of having them. Some of them can be scary, such as leaving my cupboard door open the other night and catching a glimpse of a dead woman who looked like she had hung herself out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up I saw her clearly, all her facial features, hairstyle, everything, but I didn't recognize her. That was a very vivid vision. You're right about shamans and mental health. I think they believe that people who suffer with mental illness have been "chosen" and that they should be grateful for the opportunity. It's kind of considered a blessing. We do indeed also live in a matrix. Everything is perception. Alter your perception and you alter your reality. Cloud bursting is an easy way to prove this - dissipating clouds with the power of your mind until they completely disappear!
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