Success After Anxiety

I'm feeling really great right now about this, and I wanted to share my experience.  The other day I was at a family and friend birthday party.  People were talking with me; some I had never spoken to before and others I hadn't spoken to in years because I stayed cooped up in my room for a long time.  I was able to carry out a conversation, laugh, make eye contact, initiate conversations, and the like without any anxiety bearing down on me.  Before, I could hardly speak.  Everything that left my mouth was jumbled up.  My sentence structure was disorganized.  People could feel the discomfort radiating off me.  Honestly, last year I would not had even been at that party.  It's amazing how anxiety no longer rules my life, and I am so happy to be recovering. 
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  • That's a great story :) Is there a reason you think that has helped you? I s there something you're doing or thinking differently now? I have had that feeling of success after going to a social gathering I didn't want to go to. It is a great feeling when you have a lot of good social connections and find you've not only tolerated the event, but actually enjoyed it.
  • That's great! I went through similar thing, feels awesome:) For me it wasn't always bad sentence structure, but also sometimes not saying anything at all, being at a dinner party with like 15 people, and saying nothing for an hour, just occasionally laughing and listening to others...painful. So happy I am mostly over that.
  • It was very slowly improving.  Then, I started Zoloft.  My progress sped up dramatically. 

    It's awesome I can share this experience with you two and you both relate to it.

    The worst thing about being the quiet one at a social gathering is when someone brings it up.  There are sometimes those people who point out how silent you are, and everyone looks at you at once.  Not surprising, you have no answer or can manage a few, scatter-brained words.  It's terrible.
  • That is great you are feeling a little better. Having a good day is always something to be proud of. There are quite a few medicines out there that I have tried in the past that really weren't very helpful for me, Zoloft being one of them. I am trying a new one now so we shall see! Social events are always a huge stress for me as well, I rarely even attend them to the point I even stopped being invited to most.
  • I'm happy to hear about your success recovery. As for me, I have anxiety issues too, and I hope one day, I'd be able to overcome all of them too. Though I know it would take a lot of time and effort before that happens. Anyway, best of luck!
  • I'm very glad to hear about your success and road to recovery! Congratulations on making such milestone progress down a road of what can seem to be endless despair. It is achievable, and it is possible. Best of luck to you, and stay strong. You're doing amazingly from the looks of it and I only wish you a happy life.
  • That is nice to hear. I have to force myself out of my mind when in social situations. My instinct is to hide away and not attend things that would be serious interaction with others. Its not to know that there is some hope. 
  • Coping with and getting over anxiety is not easy so its good to hear stories like yours as it gives people hope and makes people see that its something that can be overcome.
  • That's really inspiring and I really want to overcome it. I'm really hoping I do and I'm really desperate. I'm glad to see there's hope of overcoming it, I really want to, I've had enough of it.
  • A lot of people on this forum are struggling through anxiety, just like you was. Could we ask you how you think you managed to overcome it? Was it one thing you did or a number of steps you had to take to reach where you are now?
  • It was really a gradual process that took time.  If you saw my thread, Expectation Vs Reality, then you'd have an example of what that process was like.  It was important for me to not become discouraged if I took one step back.  If I stumbled, I told myself that I shouldn't stand in place in fear of stumbling again and falling over.  It's important to keep moving forward no matter how slowly I may do so.  I tried different methods but a crucial one was finding a medication that worked for me.  It did take awhile to fully kick in.  I still experience anxiety, however, it is no where near the level in which I had to deal with before.  Deep breathing techniques are useful too.  I found these steps made the biggest difference in my recovery. 
  • That is fantastic and such an inspiring thing to hear! I suffer from anxiety and I too get very anxious around people. I tend to avoid crowds at all costs. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to enjoy yourself without anxiety rearing its ugly head! 
  • Wow, that's great to hear. It's very hard to battle with social anxiety, and you did it! Congratulations. I have social anxiety too, and I'm definitely going to try meditation.
    I've heard that many people overcame their anxiety with the book mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world it's an 8-week course after taking it people claim that their life changed drastically, in a positive way, of course.

  • I'm so glad you found an answer. Anxiety so can be so destructive... emotionally and physically, both.
  • I am happy to hear about that @blur92! I hope that would continue in the long run. As for me, I do suffer from social anxiety once a while, but it isn't because I don't know how to converse properly to other people, but it's because I am just really not into talking to people. I am sort of an introvert.
  • I realized overcoming social anxiety starts in the mind. At first, it is really hard to overcome it but once you realize it is not hard to get along with a stranger, it becomes easy.
  • So glad to read you are doing so well :)  I know how awful anxiety can be, because I suffered so badly because of it (I still do, but a little less).  I think it's awesome you have managed to overcome it, not many people can actually do it... not without a ton of pills, that is.  Kudos and enjoy this amazing victory, you deserve it!  Overcoming anxiety is no easy task! 
  • I find that a big part of my feelings of anxiety comes from interacting with people, too. I always worry that people are judging me, or that I'm not good enough - even though I constantly tell myself that isn't the case. When I'm comfortable with people, it's not a problem, but I'm always nervous when I'm meeting people for the first time.
  • It is sad that this society is so uncomfortable with silence. Silence actually has a sound and it is very powerful! Once I was able to realize that I am not what people think I am, they are what they think I am, I lost my anxiety completely. I realized that I only need to speak when it feels right and in my silence there was strength.
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