How to reduce risks of a sudden Anxiety moment?

In this thread, I'd like to discuss the ways to prevent Anxiety times. Those times we can try and reduce the effects with pills, we can do whatever the doctors have told us to do. But what about NOT getting them? What about reducing the frequency?

From experience, I know one of the ways is to "get love". This might sound "off" but I'm sure some people know what I mean. Someone who can tell you cutesy things is oddly very good for stopping or reducing the appearances of anxiety. Maybe it's the "feel" of love? I'm not sure.

Would anyone share their opinions on the matter?
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  • For me the best way to reduce risks of sudden anxiety is to avoid the situation in which anxiety can appear, at least while we are still in a fragile situation. 
  • "Love" is a positive feeling. It can make you calmer, more confidence, happier, more optimistic... These feeling help reduce anxiety which is why being a love is a top medicine, only problem is, you can't buy it at your local pharmacy.
    Avoiding situations in which anxiety can appear seems more like avoiding a problem instead of solving it.
    I think if you put yourself in a situation everyday where you'll feel only a little anxious and you repeat this everyday, it can help to deal with be anxious.
  • Glow, be wary of this method!  From experience and studies, this typically results in feeding the anxiety.  You comply to your fear rather than face it.  As a result, we do not desensitize nor overcome anxiety.  Instead, we become more fearful since we familiarize ourselves with the situation less.  Then, we're no longer used it it.  That makes everything more terrifying.  Don't give into flight.  It'll become a habit that way and harder to break.  Moreover, it's the exact opposite of exposure therapy which is seen as effective.
  • I believe Glow has a point, but Blur92 and Dtracy3 do too.

    Glow, I would recommend finding someone whose hand to hold through an anxious moment. Put yourself to strain as hard as you can with someone you trust right next to you. They will very probably talk you out of it, love you out of it, do something about it. Give it a shot and if you'd like, tell us your results!
  • I do the same as Glow, I just avoid situations I know are really bad and maybe that's cowardly but sometimes it's the only way to keep myself calm.
  • I think I know what you mean lopezmramon, the problem is finding that kind of support. A person is lucky if they can get some love at all, let alone when they are in moments of extreme anxiety. The other problem with this is putting your need to calm down onto another person, like asking them to be the ones to help you control your feelings. 

    So if you are lucky enough to have someone to love on you during an anxiety attack, then that's great. But that's hard to find, and a lot to ask for someone to do for you, if you don't have that naturally. 
  • @Diane, yes, it is pretty hard to find. Sometimes you can put yourself in strain on purpose with a psychologist, make them trigger you and then help you through it. There are a lot of kinds of therapy and therapists willing to provide with new answers for your lifelong problems.

    If you catch love, grow into it, don't depend on it. 

    My suggestion is: Find someone to give you a hand, but never put the pressure on them or get dependency on their input.
  • I somehow agree with getting love from other people. It would surely boost your confidence about yourself a bit. Though in my case, it's not really that effective. I know I'm good, I know I'm fine, I know I can do this, but I'm still anxious about my environment/surroundings, about the future, about my family, about my friends, almost about everything. It's like, it will never go away.

  • Sometimes stressful situations can't be avoided and for when they can't you need a coping mechanism. My CB therapist told me to remove myself from the situation for a moment if possible, but if I could not then his advice was to think very carefully before I said each word, this helped keep me calm and together. He also suggested repetitive actions would help. 
  • I avoid drinks with a lot of caffeine and intrynto keep busy. As long as I can focus on something else I think I'm usually
  • Kana_marie, that's what I do too! Caffeine throws me for a loop!!! I drink nasty decaf all day ha! I still have anxiety but not as bad.
  • I always try to stay my day the right way.  I actually used to be very stressed when I lived with my mother, because sometimes my day started overwhelming me with all sort of things. Not nice at all!  Now that I am alone I can start the day the right way :)  Take my time for breakfast, completely wake up and maybe go for a walk. 
  • I think the best way is to just find a way to be comfortable with being yourself. I have experienced both sides and up until now I go in and out of this type of mentality but I do know that whenever I am out of it then it is generally because I am healthy and feeling good about myself.
  • When anxiety attacks me, I go to  my wife, hug her tight. Without being verbal, she understands that I am not feeling well. She cooks me food that I like very much. Food and my wife both cures my anxiety.
  • I get what you mean by love! Just having someone on your side, telling you soothing things and comforting you makes a huge difference! I also try not to drink caffeine and watch something calm and nice (cat videos are great!)
  • Well I call "feel of love" as a feeling of assurance and security. One reason why people develop anxiety is because they have unresolved fears lurking in their system. Once this is addressed by assurance - be it the warmth of someone's embrace or comforting words, the person starts to feel better and less afraid.
  • For me, all of my senses are in hyper drive and the only way for me to calm down is if I plug my ears and relax all of the muscles in my body. I have to remember to tell myself that I am safe and that I am strong. It is just fear and that it will go away.
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