Hypnosis addiction - need help .

I think I am addicted to hypnosis - especially the erotic type. It started a while ago when I tried a hypnosis  video on YouTube just for fun . Ever since than I feel a strong desire once in while to watch hypnosis files again and I just can't stop . I am a Christian and I know it's a sin but I can't stop it forever .
I don't know what to do .
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  • @JohnSmith hello and thank you for sharing. welcome to the forum.  addiction affects the brain, so whether it's hypnosis or drugs or porn...it's all increasing your dopamine levels and then you want more....as with any addiction, it will take some effort to stop and many times you have to abstain completely....are you able to stop for a certain amount of time? days? weeks? 

    instead of checking out erotic hypnosis, watch informative videos on youtube about addiction...so you can learn how to break free. this is unfamiliar territory for me, so don't have a whole lot of advice here...but if you find you cannot break free, consider reaching out to a counselor or pastor for help (since you are christian)...

    again, thanks for sharing. we are here to support you as we can.
  • Thanks for comment .
    I always think to stop and can go without it for days or weeks but after a period of time I get this strong feeling that makes me wanna do it again . After I start thinking about it it doesn't take long for me to fall again .

    I am quite young . I am afraid to talk about this with anyone . My family members are devoted Christians . They would be shocked / disgusted and wouldn't understand me if they find out .
  • @JohnSmith  I'd get some books on sex addiction and educate yourself on addiction in general...there are some good videos to watch too on the topic. many men and women have become addicted to porn, sex, and erotic hypnosis....and many get free with some hard work...not sure if there is an online sex addiction meeting. maybe. i know it's not "sex" in general, but it's similar i think. 

    Focus on the Family has some good info on porn addiction....see if this will help you out at all:

    and feel free to share here...it's a journey. if you relapse, just get back up and start over...relapse is oftentimes part of early recovery..just don't give up. k?
  • Thanks again . That helped a bit but not so much really .
    I know that watching that files is bad for my health both mentally and physically.
    I know I have to stop this addiction once and forever .
    Every time I decide never to do those things again I think I could make it . I think I could stay without that bad things forever .
    But all that does not help me when I feel the need to do it again . I can deny it for a day, 2 or a few days keeping myself busy with other things and thinking that what I feel I want to do is bad but eventually the feeling takes over me and I do it again .
    This happened a lot of times .

    EDIT : Do you think this might be related to the fact that I don't have any friends . Except for my family and just one other person every body seems to ignore me . This makes me feel lonely and useless .

    Can you recommend something I could do ?
  • @JohnSmith  i do think that having friends would be helpful. many times we get addicted to things because we feel empty and lonely...sad...so when you can do things that make you feel happier that are healthy for you, go for it. is there someone you feel you can form a friendship with? it takes some effort. i am shy and an introvert, so i have to sort of force myself to spend time with several friends....and it's a chore to get it started, but once i'm hanging out i really do have a great time.

    do you have a new hobby you'd like to try?  there are so many cool things to learn online...

    how about watching motivational videos....find some speakers that cater to your age...and watch them. let them inspire and motivate you to grow in every way....if you're christian, look for the kick ass youth pastors to listen to. there are lots of speakers on youtube that can help you that way....

    make a list of those you listen to and like...and then keep listening...if you're a book reader, find some books...

    i'm glad you are making some effort though. don't give up. it takes time and it's a journey....it's not about perfection, k? it's about progress. no one is perfect...love yourself right where you are....you are perfect right where you are on your journey...you are learning valuable lessons that will help you throughout your life....and learning at a young age is a good thing. 

    we love you no matter what!! we are here for you!
  • This is the 3rd day since the last time I watched bad things . So far so good .
    But I need advice:
    Do you think I should :
    a) make a schedule and gradually watch less and less often (This could make me feel a little more in control and avoid me getting ashamed or discouraged if I (God help I don't) have a relapse but it could also produce more damage to my mind and body and possibly make me fall all way .
    b) decide to quit altogether and never look back . The advantages and disadvantages would be the opposite of the first option .
  • Hi @JohnSmith!

    It seems like you're on the right path. For me, since you've already started quitting altogether, why not try to continue on into that? As you've said, choosing to watch the videos less and less gradually can end up producing more damage to you. I think that quitting altogether is already working great for you and I believe you can recover from this addiction through it. That being said, it's still your call. 

    On the other issue, about you not having so many friends, well, we are here for you! Anytime you feel that urge to watch, you can come here and talk to us. You can have friends here as much as you can have friends in real life. My husband built lifelong friendships with people he met on a game. So that's possible for you as well!

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  • I would suggest @JohnSmith should get a hobby; learn a musical instrument and play some music, this helps ward off the spirit of addiction. Also spend more time outdoors with nature, do some sport, skateboarding, register in a gym; something that would not make you sit and think and make your mind roam as much.

    In order to get rid of addiction, you need to be disciplined; take action, do not procastinate. Be in control of yourself and try not to let addiction boss you around. Keep the hypnosis in the past and that is where it belongs. We have faith in you!
  • Hello John,
    I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with that. I know that a lot of people struggle with similar things like pornography or other types of addictions on the internet, however, know that there is hope, that's the first thing is to acknowledge that you can break free. When you reach the mentality that it is possible, you can go on forward to working towards it, and the best thing to do is do what you think is best for yourself.
  • Hello . Thanks for being there for me . Since last time I wrote I've been good .
    With the help of other forum I managed to control my feelings and emotions .
  • Small problem here !
    After 62 days in which I stayed away from anything sexual I masturbated again .
    I know this isn't something bad in itself but I got scared that this could draw me to bad things again .
    What do you think ?
  • Yikes that is scary! I remember doing a self laughing hypnosis video on youtube and I couldn't stop laughing for 3 straight hours. My abs were getting the worst and hardest work out ever and was practically killing me. I had to have a friend drive over and snap 3 times in front of my face and that somehow calmed it down. WORST Experience in my life.
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