Panic Disorder and Treatment Options

Panic attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere. It can be triggered by something stressful that is coming up. Normally it has a specific trigger and you can eventually calm down. What happens if you're experiencing panic attacks and nothing stressful or out of the ordinary is happening? This can be a sign that you have panic disorder. This is when you experience these attacks under normal everyday circumstances.

Symptoms of Panic Disorder

There are several symptoms of panic disorder that you can look for to know if your panic attacks are normal or something more. If you notice you're having them quite often and they come on suddenly under normal circumstances, this may signal the disorder. You or your loved ones may notice that you have a change in your behavior after an attack has come on and left. Take note if you have the fear, or the lack thereof, of being in a place where panic attacks could possibly occur.

Treatment for Panic Disorder

While having a panic attack under a stressful situation is not typically a problem, reoccurring attacks under everyday situations can be. You can get assistance by talking with a counselor and going through some therapy techniques with them. There are also medications that can be administered should therapy not give you the relief you need. One very popular method of treating panic disorder is cognitive behavioral therapy.

You can learn to reduce the panic attacks you are having and how to overcome them with a variety of therapy methods. Panic disorder can cause you to not live your life to the fullest. Don't give up hope. You can get assistance and overcome your attacks to live your life as you want.

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  • i have never had a panic attack, but i have been around others that can be pretty scary.  i do think those that are struggling with such should seek out professional help to manage symtpoms.

    thanks for sharing.
  • My finance's lying, drinking and drug use has caused me so much stress. When I am at work and he is at home and I try calling and he doesn't answer. I immediately start to panic and wonder where is and what he is doing. I will work myself right into a panic attack. I get them when I feel like things are out of my control. When my parents passed away I was getting them quite frequently. It is a terrible feeling. I would not wish them on anybody.
  • I usually panic when my son's not with me. Most especially when he's with my husband's relatives. I don't know, I just don't think they'd take care of him in a right way. I imagine him being made to watch the tv or in a gadget all day. And it makes me anxious. I imagine him not wanting to be with me anymore because of those pesky relatives. Anyway, it's a weird thing but it does set the panic in me.
  • I think that stress or a sudden loss in a person's life can lead to the onset of panic attacks, and that can happen to anybody at any time.

    Even the most outgoing, confident person in the world can suffer a shock to their system and panic attacks can start to occur when something happens in their life that changes the whole meaning of it. If something takes away that comfort and stability they've got, they're often left feeling vulnerable so panic does set in.
  • Thank you for sharing. I have certain symptoms of panic disorder because I have occasional panic attacks usually related to unconscious nagging fears or uncertainty of the future. The attacks aren't frequent but when they occur, they occur for consecutive days. I am trying to widen my horizons and vary my activities these days. Thankfully, I haven't had any for the past few months.
  • Panic attacks are terrible, I still get small ones from time to time.  I call them ''small ones'' because they last very little compared to the ones I had before.   My panic attacks were triggered by my OCD, once my OCD was under control my panic attacks didn't take place often and when they did they were really short :) 
  • I am just thinking if I am having this panic attack because I do always worry and start to panic of what will happen tomorrow or the days to come and I am always like that. The fact that I still do not know what will be happening I always act like that.
  • In my experience and observation, alternative treatments work well in panic disorder. Yoga and meditation are wonderful mechanism to cure any mental conditions.
  • I have panic attacks as part of anxiety problem that I also have. I feel my heart beating in my throat and I think I am going to die or something. I realize that I need to breath and it helps a bit but I haven't found a real solution. This is especially prominent when I have to work all night long. Sleep and rest is very important and  as I found out recently, magnesium as well. It helps the heart to have more steady rate and it help the general health. I am using some herbal teas like St. John's-wort, valeriana and lemon balm. These do help me a little.
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