What To Do When An Overdose Occurs

While barbiturates have a place to be used properly, they can be abused still today. Doctors do not use them as often as they have in the past, but they are still available and on the market. If you suspect your loved one is abusing barbiturates, it's important to know when to seek medical help. These tips can help you determine what steps to take when you suspect your loved one has taken a large dose of barbiturates.

Emergency Room Immediately

If you suspect that someone has taken a large dose, then you should get them to the emergency room immediately. There is no at home treatment to help them get through this. If you can find the bottle of pills they used, take that with you. In some cases you may be able to take them in your own vehicle, but other times an ambulance must be called.

When You Arrive - What to Expect

The doctor will run several tests to determine if the barbitruates were used. If so there are different methods they have for helping to get them out of your loved ones system. These vary in levels depending on what the person is experiencing. It can range from someone just being watched and observed to having to have breathing assistance. Your doctor will also administer activated charcoal to help bind to the drugs in their system. It is most likely that the patient will also be admitted for observation overnight, at least, to ensure that they do not have anymore complications from the episode.

Get Help Immediately

When used properly, these pills can be a benefit to the patient. When used improperly, they can cause coma and even death if not treated right away. If you or someone you love has an addiction to barbiturates, there is help available. Seek immediate assistance to make sure you do not lose someone you love to this painful addiction.

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  • Thank you for sharing. It is always better to be forewarned. I hope one can save a life by getting help immediately. Some people are not strong enough to fight off their problems, they would rather succumb to overdose of pills.

    I'm glad I have learned something new. Thanks again.
  • Thanks, it's always good to know what to do in cases like this, because you just never know when something like this might happen. Better be safe than sorry.   It's also good to know what to expect once you get to the ER with your loved one. 
  • Thank you so much for sharing this, I think that the only person close to me that used barbiturates is my grandma, and even if she don't really abuse of them is always good to know what to do and what to expect from the medical services.
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